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What is suspense?
Why are these things associated with
What is suspense?
• A feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, or even
dread about what is going to happen next.
• Writers increase the level of suspense in a
story by giving readers clues about what may
• We don’t know what is going to happen in
that haunted house or in those scary woods…
How do films, TV, and books increase
The Twilight Zone
• A hit series by Rod Serling that ran from 19591964
• He wrote many of the teleplays himself. A
teleplay is a play written for television.
• He became known for twists and surprises.
• All it has is dialogue and stage directions to
tell the story.
• Stage directions help cast and crew members
know what the setting, characters, and
atmosphere are like, as well as what the actors
and camera operators need to do.
“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”
• Aired in 1960 on TV
• Some key terms:
Pan means to turn the camera to follow or scan a
person or object.
Cut means to switch the camera from one scene to
A close-up is when the camera moves close to a
subject, such as a person’s face.
A long shot is when the camera films a subject from
a long distance away.
“Monsters” Vocabulary
**Bell Work: In your literature section, try to
define the underlined words using context
• He was reflective and calm when he
decided not to fight.
• He was intimidated by the crowd,
but he continued to speak.
• He was defiant and refused to
Copy this down in your lit section.
• reflective-showing serious and
careful thinking; thoughtful
• intimidated-frightened or
• defiant-showing bold resistance
to authority or an opponent
More “Monsters” Vocabulary
• **Bell Work: In your literature section, try to
define the underlined words using context
• Kicking the ball past that line isn’t
• She told us exactly what to do. Her
directions were explicit.
• Malik has prejudices against green beans
and broccoli but has never eaten them.
Copy this down in your lit section.
• legitimate-following the rules;
lawful; allowed
• explicit- clearly expressed or
• prejudices-unfavorable opinions
or judgments formed unfairly
Make a connection.
• How would you and your neighbors
react if the power suddenly went out
and cars wouldn’t start? This is what
happens one night on Maple Street.
What do you think might cause
something like this to happen?
Note about predictions…
• Use what the story tells you as well as what
you know from your own experience.
• While reading this story, think about:
– How people deal with their fears
– What causes people to turn against one another
“The Monsters Are Due on Maple
• What did I predict?
• Did my prediction come
Make a prediction.
• How do people react in the
face of things they don’t