File - Danielle Moore Psych Class

Nature, Nurture and Human Diversity
Universal People
• We have universal norms. Consider:
• Universal people communicate both verbally and nonverbally
• Enforce rules of etiquette
• Show favoritism toward in group members
• Including preference for kin over non-kin.
• They avoid incest
• fear snakes
• Exchange gifts.
• Universal people demonstrate modesty in sexual behavior and bodily
functions, even if they don’t wear clothes.
• Everywhere labor is divided by age and by sex.
• Men are more aggressive than women; women provide more child
• Every culture has tools, including tools for cutting and for pounding
and tools to make tools.
• Everywhere, people form beliefs about death and disease
• They plan for the future
Chromosomes Video
• Trace your hand on a piece of paper
• Draw a line across the pointer finger and ring finger.
• Is it straight or crooked?
Video on Genetic Research
At your table discuss:
• What are your thoughts on genetic research?
• What are the pros and cons to this research?
• What are the implications of how we can effect our offspring by the
health choices we make today?
At your table discuss:
• 1.If it were possible, would you want to take a genetic test telling
you which diseases you are likely to suffer from later in life?
• 2.Imagine you are married. If you or your spouse were pregnant,
would you want the unborn child tested for genetic defects?
• 3.Do you think it should be legal for employers to use genetic tests in
deciding whom to hire?
Video about Twins
Review articles about twins. Answer the
following questions:
• What was the premise or hypothesis of the article?
• How big was the sample size of people studied?
• What is a summary of the findings from the article?
• What do you think the data says about nature vs nurture?
On your own paper, answer the following:
•What do you think determines personality?
•Do you think your genes are mostly responsible, or has your
upbringing played a significant role?
•How much do your friends and peer pressure influence your
•Are your personality traits similar to those of your parents?
•Are you influenced by what you see and hear in the media?
•Are you influenced by a special adult in your life, such as a
relative, teacher or youth group leader? How has this shaped
your personality?