• You have just become a detective. Your
goal is to figure out why certain family
members have specific traits!
• How are you going to accomplish your
Genetic Pedigree
What is a pedigree?
• Chart of the genetic history of family
over several generations
• Scientist or genetic counselor finds
information and makes the chart to
analyze it
Constructing a Pedigree
• Female
• Male
Connecting People
• Married couple
• Offspring
Connecting People
• Fraternal Twins
• Identical twins
What does a pedigree chart look like?
How do they work
• Video
• We can’t always determine if something
is heterozygous. As we go through our
examples and worksheet you are
worried about completely filling in the
recessive traits.
Let’s look at an example!
• Muscle type is not a sex linked
characteristic. Fast twitch muscles
dominate over slow twitch muscles
Place the Genotype of each
individual below its symbol