Table of Contents

Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Task
• Process
• Evaluation
• Standards
• Credits
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your task!!
You are going to be traveling back in time to the colony of
Savannah which established Georgia as the 13th colony.
Throughout your journey you will encounter three historical
figures; Tomochichi, James Oglethorpe and Mary Musgrove.
During the time you spend with these historical figures you
will be developing a scrapbook which will contain all the new
information you have learned.
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machine to begin
your journey!
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figure to continue on
your journey
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We hope you enjoyed your adventure with us!
You now have a scrapbook that contains all the
information you learned on your trip!!
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Evaluation (checklist)
Date Completed
•Important facts about colonial
life-similarities and differences\
•Venn Diagram
•Apple Chart
•3 Reasons why it is important to
tell time
•Connections time to school
•Models times on digital and
analog time memory cards
•Writing response on how to
teach colonial children how to tell
time using analog and digital
• Daily Time Schedule
•Day without clocks and
calendars writing
•Shadow, Sun & Earth Image
•Shadow Change Prediction
•Shadow Watching worksheet
•Shadow Changes Chart
•Letter to the future
– M2M2. The students will tell time to the nearest five minutes and know relationships of time such as
the number of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, and hours in a day.
– S2E2. Students will investigate the position of sun and moon to show patterns throughout the year.
• a. Investigate the position of the sun in relation to a fixed object on earth at various times of
the day.
• b. Determine how the shadows change through the day by making a shadow stick or using a
Language Arts:
• ELA2W1. The student begins to demonstrate competency in the writing process.
E. begins to use appropriate formatting conventions for letter writing ( e.g. date, salutation, body,
– ELA2W2. The student produces a response to literature that
• d. Uses organizational structures to ensure coherence. (T-charts, Compare and contrast…)
– ELA2R2. The student uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning from grade-level text.
• h. The student makes connections between texts and/or personal experiences.
Standards Continued
• Social Studies:
– SS2H1. The student will read about and describe the lives of historical
figures in Georgia history.
• b. Describe how everyday life of these historical figures is similar to and
different from everyday life in the present (food, clothing, homes,
transportation, communication, recreation, rights, and freedoms).
• Physical Education:
– PE2. 1: Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement
patterns needed to perform a variety of activities.
• a. uses extensions while demonstrating various locomotive movement
patterns with different pathways.
– PE2.4: Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical
• a. participates in fitness and conditioning related activities.
• b. Recognizes physiological indicators that accompany moderate to vigorous
physical activities.
• Created By
Jenna Stein…………..Mary Musgrove
Amber Warren……..James Oglethorpe
JoBeth Williams……Tomochichi
• Pictures
• Google Images
• Books
• Motil,B. (2006). American Heroes: Tomochichi. Boston,
MA: Houghton Mifflin Co.
• Green, L. (2006). American Heroes: James Oglethorpe.
Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Co.
• Willows, V. (2006). American Heroes: Mary Musgrove.
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