Bisexuality and Pansexuality

Bisexuality and Pansexuality
The other colors of the rainbow.
Ground Rules for a Safe Space
Use “I” statements – speak for yourself and your experiences. Try not to speak for others
or for groups of people.
Accept that you can (and will) make mistakes surrounding diversity training. We are all
fallible and don’t know everything there is to know. If you make a mistake, apologize
(sincerely) and move on.
Hear (not just listen to) what others are saying, especially if it is a viewpoint different than
what you believe. Each person has their own experience that is the “truth” for them.
Be willing to learn! It isn’t enough just to sit through a Safe Zone training if you aren’t
willing to learn.
Be here. There are always countless other things we could be doing, but you chose to be
here. Be involved with the conversation, don’t dominate, and listen attentively.
Respect the privacy and confidentiality of what is said and shared during this session.
Feel free to express your thoughts and know that others will keep them confidential.
Please turn off all cell phones or electronic devices that might distract or interrupt the
Have fun! This experience is a fun one because you are becoming one of a growing
number of Safe Zone Allies on campus and that means something important to the campus
Others you might have? Mention that now to your facilitators!
“But that’s not a real thing!” AKA
Being the Identity Police
 Being the “identity police” can isolate people who
may have a different understanding of a label or
 Important to remember everyone has right to
identify in a way that suits them, even if it’s
different or an identity you’ve never heard of!
 Two main definitions:
 A bisexual person is physically, romantically,
emotionally and/or relationally attracted to both
men and women, though not necessarily
simultaneously; a bisexual person may not be
equally attracted to both sexes.
 A bisexual person is physically, romantically,
emotionally and/or relationally attracted to both
people of the same gender and of different genders,
though not necessarily simultaneously; a bisexual
person may not be equally attracted to all genders.
Famous Bisexual People
 Ani DiFranco, musician
 Alan Cumming, actor
 Freddy Mercury, singer
 Kurt Cobain, musician
 Billie Joe Armstrong, musician
 Megan Mullally, actress (Will And Grace)
 Brian Molko, musician
 Angelina Jolie, actress
 Michael Stipe, musician
 Sandra Bernhard, comedian
 Taken from
 Pansexual- Defined as someone who is attracted to
other people regardless of their gender or sexual
orientation. Essentially, they are “gender blind”.
 It is not an attraction to everything; pansexual
people are not attracted to animals or inanimate
objects, only people.
So what’s the difference?
 Some people may prefer “pansexual” over
“bisexual” because they feel “bisexual” limits
gender to either/or.
 Some people may prefer “bisexual” over
“pansexual” because gender does affect how they
are attracted to someone.
 It’s important to remember that how someone
labels their identity is up to them.
Common misconceptions about bisexual and
pansexual people.
 They are confused and can’t make up their mind.
 They are really gay/lesbian and can’t admit it.
 They are really just straight people trying to be trendy.
 They can’t be monogamous.
 They will always leave someone of the same sex for a partner of the other sex.
 They are all promiscuous.
 They are just going through a phase.
 They can’t be trusted.
 They give HIV to straight and gay people.
 They can’t really be ‘queer’.
 They are attracted to anyone and everyone.
 A person has to be equally attracted to men and women to be bisexual.
 Bi/pan/fluid people are always available or will have sex with anyone.
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What can we do?
 Never assume someone’s identity, even if they’re
in a relationship.
 Accept that all identities are valid, even if we
don’t understand them.
 Be a supportive ally to make someone feel
welcomed and included.
Campus Resources
Safe Zone
WOU Campus Organization
[email protected]
ASWOU's Gender and
Sexual Diversity
[email protected]
Triangle Alliance
[email protected]
WOU Student Organization
Student Health and
Counseling Center
(503) 838-8313
WOU Stonewall Center
(503) 838-8367
Werner University Center,
Campus Public Safety
(503) 838-8481
Local and National Resources
Salem GLBTQ Resources
Extensive list of resources, links
and organizations in the Salem
OSU Pride Center
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
National Consortium of Director of Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resources
in Higher Education
PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of
Lesbians and Gays)
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
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