Rhetorical Dirty Tricks Part III


Rhetorical Dirty Tricks Part I

I think you can assume that

Justice Scalia’s legal opinions on the cases now before the

Supreme Court will be just as agenda-driven and biased as his past opinions.

“Does God exist? Of course not. That idea originated with a bunch of ignorant people who knew nothing about science.”

Capital punishment was invented during barbaric times. No civilized society ought to tolerate it.

Twenty percent? You want to tip her 20%????

Hey, maybe you want to give her everything we make, but I frankly think that is ridiculous!

I know a lot of people don’t see the problem with allowing doctor-assisted suicide. But what most people don’t realize is that if we allow doctor-assisted suicide, then soon we’ll have patients’ families deciding when to put a loved one “out of his misery.” And then before long, we’ll have doctors making this decision about their patients.

“Twenty percent? You want to tip her 20%? Hey, next thing you’ll want to tip 25%! And then 30%! It will never end.”

According to Al Gore, global warming is the most serious threat facing us today. Folks, what a crock. Al Gore spends $20,000 each year on electricity in his Tennessee mansion!

What Al Gore says about air pollution is a joke! That clown will say anything to get attention!

What Al Gore says about air pollution is pure bull. Al Gore makes a fortune from alternative energy investments. What do you think he’d say?

“Either we increase the number of troops in Iraq or the terrorists will be attacking U.S. cities.

Seems like a simple choice to me.”

“It’s impossible to eliminate terrorism entirely.

We should stop wasting money on it.”

“ There shouldn’t be restrictions on violence in the movies. After all, when is a movie ‘too violent’? You can’t draw a line.”

Jim says God exists, but I don’t take his argument very seriously. He’s just saying that because he works for a church.

Senator Clinton says we should get out of Iraq.

What a bunch of garbage coming from her! She voted for the war, don’t forget.

Senator Clinton is going to give a talk tonight on

Iraq. Well, it’s just going to be more baloney.

That gal will say anything to get a vote.

When it comes to race relations, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Yesterday, a court ruled that a public elementary school in Virginia could no longer allow teachers to lead children in a prayer at the beginning of the school day. I just don’t understand the war on religion that some judges seem to be waging.

Why are judges so intent on preventing people from practicing their religion?