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Biblical Insight on the practice of Fasting
 The Bible promotes fasting for health
 The Bible guarantees spiritual growth
through fasting
 The Bible gives detailed instructions
on the what and when of fasting
 The Bible explicitly commands fasting
Discipline ≠ Godliness
Discipline is required to achieve
Godliness 1 Corinthians 9:27 1 Timothy 4:7-8
 e.g. we have to discipline ourselves to spend time
with God, but the Holy Spirit is the one who
ultimately works out Godliness in our lives
Biblical Fasting is always coupled with
Biblical Fasting comes as a natural
expression of the heart
 A response to great sorrow – 1 Samuel 7:1-10; 1
Chronicles 10:12
 A response to great need –2 Chronicles20:1-17
 A response to great confession – Jonah 3
 A response to great burdens –Ezra 8:21-23;
Acts 13:1-3
 Biblical fasting is not legalistic (does
not say what to give up or for how long)
 Biblical fasting is private - Matthew
 Biblical fasting (that which is from the
heart and coupled with prayer) moves
God – Matthew 6:18, et al
Commit this week to pray each day for at least
10 minutes straight.
 God would burden you regarding
your spiritual condition
 God would draw you closer to
 God would burden you for the
spiritual condition of others
God would draw this church closer to Him
God would make this church more
 In reaching the lost
 In growing disciples
 God would encourage and strengthen us
in the process