Your Storage unit

GIM live quick start
What is GIMlive
• GIMlive is an online reporting system.
• You will find a total stock summary and a stock
summary per complex,
• Warehouse layouts,
• A daily report of activities
• And a search page, to help you find your
Get started
To get started you will need to go on
and go to the log in page then put your username
and password
Your home page:
Once you are logged in your home page will appear with the
total stock I and then per unit.
Your Storage unit:
If you click on one of your storage unit(s) you will find a summary of this
Confirmation signal
The stock inputs are double checked by the head office. You will notice a red cross on
the right of the page, this means the data has not been confirmed yet. The Green
check confirms that the stock inputs have been double checked
Not Confirmed sign
Confirmed sign
Search :
We added a search page to help you find quickly the commodity you are looking
for. Just input the commodity and you will find out how much of the commodity
there is and where it is. (only used when more than one unit to monitor)
Full report
You can find a updated daily
report with a stock balance
under “full report”
When you click on it a window will open.
Select ‘open with’ and chose your favorite
Full report