What is Jaspersoft Studio

Jaspersoft Studio
Visual Designer for JasperReports
Veaceslav Chicu–Jaspersoft Studio lead developer
What is Jaspersoft Studio
Visual Designer for JasperReports
Plugin for Eclipse IDE
Standalone version based on Eclipse RCP
Complete environment for reports design, execution,
testing and deployment
Open Source
Focused on both developers and high level users
Designed to be easily extended by other plug-ins
Main used Eclipse components
Visual designer based on GEF
XML text editor
Outline view + tabbed properties
Preview reports in different format
Preferences per workspace and per project
Eclipse based builder to compile reports
Classpath management based on Eclipse project
Datasource configuration
Cheat Sheets / Help , Wizards
Quick tour of Jaspersoft Studio
Configuring a JDBC connection
Create and run a new report
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Extending Jaspersoft Studio
Jaspersoft Studio
Jasperosoft Studio
Made to be extensible
Several extension points to support:
Custom data adapters
Custom mapping tools
Custom query designers
Custom JasperReports components
Custom repository view extensions
Data Adapters
What is a Data Adapter
A way to define a source for
JasperReports using a configuration
file (to be used in example in the
JasperReports web framework)
The basic structure to provide support for data sources in Jaspersoft
Studio and other environments (i.e. JasperReports Web Framework)
How to implement a Data Adapter
Implement a DataAdapter, DataAdapterService and
A DataAdapterService is a ParameterContributor
The factory can be registered as jasperreports extension
Implement a DataAdapterDescriptor and its factory
Factory  Creates the descriptor and provides label and icon
Descriptor  Provides visual editor to edit the DataAdapter
Contributed via dataAdapters extension points
Mapping tools and Query designers
What is a Mapping Tool
A way to help the user to identify and add to a report the fields
provided by a data source
What is a Query designer
A special tool to design queries of a particular language
(i.e. SQL, HSQL etc…)
Contributed via mappingTool and queryDesigner
extension points
Custom components
What is a JasperReports custom components?
A way to provide support for complex custom elements based on
the primitive elements of JasperReports
(i.e. Table component, Barcodes, Map, etc…)
How can you support a custom component in Jaspersoft
Ability to plug designer extensions (palette, model, edit
parts, figures, commands,…)
Contributed via components and palette extension
Need more? Repository Extensions
What is the Repository view?
A place where to store and define
resources and tools to interface with
external world (i.e. data adapters,
JasperReports Server connections, …)
Contributed via repositoryview
extension point
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