The Great Wall of China- Sydney Greenspoon

By: Sydney Greenspoon 7B
The structure that I am doing is The Great
Wall Of China. It is located in Beijing, China. It
stretches from Shanhaiguan to Inner
Mongolia. In the old times when it was built
its purpose was to protect China. Today, it is
not used as protection but just as a tourist
The Great Wall of China is unique because it is the longest wall in
the world and it can be seen from earth’s orbit. According to Neil
Armstrong, it can’t be seen from me the moon. The Great Wall of
China is so big, that people classify it in sections. Because the Wall
took so long to build, it was built in different empire times.
Because of this, each section of the wall is made of something
different. It is very beautiful. It is a manufactured mass structure.
It is manufactured because it is only man made from slaves and
workers. It is a mass structure because it holds up its own weight
and it is fully built.
The first section is called the Cloud Platform or
the Crossing Street Tower. This section was
made in 1345. It is made from white marble. It
was made during the Yuan Dynasty. It is 9.5
meters tall and is an archway. On the top of
the archway, there are carvings of animals.
JuYongGuan is another part of the wall. It goes
through mountains and valleys. It is located is the
valley called GuanGou which is very close to Beijing. It
was first built in the Ming dynasty. Later, there was a
lot of renovation done to it. It is circular and is 4,142
meters long (around 4,530 yards). There are two
passes of the JuYongGuan. One section in the north
and one in the south. Because it is built through a
mountain, it helps explorers look through and in the
Another section in the Great Wall of China is the
Badaling. It is the highest part of the wall it is
1,000 meters over sea level. It was built in the
Ming Dynasty and during then, it served as a
military bunker. Today, it has many modern
features like handrails and vendors.
The purpose of the Great Wall of China was to protect
China from outside attacks on them. When it was built, it
was built in sections and it was only until the leader Qin
came along that the entire wall was connected. It was a
good structure for what it was used fro because the Great
Wall prevented many wars and attacks. The Great wall was
made from stones, bricks, and hard grass the structure
was not able to hold up people but was able to keep away
war from the technology of weapons from that era. In the
middle of the walls it was hollow filled with rubble. Today,
this would not hold the weight of people but the parts of
the wall that people walk on were renovated so they could
be used for tourists. The actual structure was amazing for
the time it was made in. The way it was made was very
advanced for its time. Still China suffered from attacks but
it lessened because of the Great Wall.
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