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Blyth kayak club
By Aaron Hobb
What they do
The club focuses on developing basic paddling skills, and runs indoor pools
sessions throughout the winter as an ideal introduction to paddle sport. We aim to
get new paddlers outside onto local rivers and lakes. Being based by the sea, we
also have a group of keen sea kayakers, whilst some of our membership prefer the
surf or inland white water. Based right on the Northumberland coastline, sea
paddling is the club’s bread and butter, whether it be clocking up the miles of just
messing around in the surf.
Sea paddling
Based right on the Northumberland coastline, sea paddling is the key , whether it be
clocking up the miles of just messing around in the surf. Everyone is welcome, and the
club has a range of boats stored close to the beach, called the boat house, that new
members are welcome to use, although due to the exposed nature of the
environment we do occasionally have to turn people away in the interests of safety.
Our annual, seniors only trip to North Berwick is arguably the stuff of legend. The
format of BBQ one night, curry the next is as traditional as the paddling itself, a trip
around the spectacular Bass Rock. A group of our members also recently paddled
down the Tyne, through the picturesque city of Newcastle and down to the sea at
Throughout the winter the club runs indoor pool sessions both as an ideal
introduction to paddling, and as an opportunity for experienced paddlers to brush
up their skills. The club is able to keep a store of kit at the pool for these sessions,
so members need bring only a towel, although those who wish to use their own
boats are also welcome to do so.
New club clothing is now available! You can choose from red on black
or black on red, and a huge range is available including hoodies, Tshirts, polo necks, reversible jackets and caps. Everything is
embroidered with our logo, and you can have your name stitched into
the garment as well.
Some of the clubs members are also involved in competitive paddling, either in
annual events such as the Coquet Island or Durham to Finchale Abbey race, or in
series such as the Wave Hopper Challenge or regional Slalom competitions. Whilst
the club cannot not actively coach these specific disciplines, we are often involved
in events aiming to make them accessible to our members, who are of course free
to pursue them if they find themselves hooked. Several of our members have done
exactly that, achieving success in racing disciplines and polo.
Charitable work
The club has a long history of involvement with the Chernobyl Children Project,
organising a day on the water for Belarusian children on a recuperative holiday in
the UK. We have also previously coupled a clean up of the River Wansbeck in
Ashington with a “come and try” day to raise money, which was a great success.
Where they practise
In the winter they practice in the pool at Blyth and in summer they go paddling on
rivers or the sea or Wight water. It is on at 4:00 and finishes at 5:30ish on Saturday.
They have a boat house in Blyth which is were they keep most of there
How I started and who are they.
I started because my dad went so I cam along one day and I really enjoyed it. Every
Saturday I went along and went kayaking.
The club is run by volunteers and a organised committee. There is a lot of qualified
coaches and lots of equipment. They are:
Pat, Allen, Roly, Lesley, Dave y, Dave s, Trevor, Nathan, Paul, Lee and Michael.
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