Wells Students Together
Organizing accident Prevention
(STOP) Team
Who Are We?
The Wells Students Together Organizing
Accidents Prevention (STOP) team is a
group composed of both teens and adults,
students and teachers – people like you –
who wish to voice their concerns and
potentially provide crucial knowledge that
could ultimately help save the lives of
inattentive drivers.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to shed some light on the
effects of reckless driving and promote the
alternative: the implementation of safe
and cautious driving. Being the leading
cause of deaths among teenagers, our
number one priority is to inform novice
drivers of the consequences of driving
with distractions, without a seatbelt,
and/or under the influence.
Why Does This Matter?
• In the United States, motor vehiclerelated injuries are the leading cause of
death for ages 1-34
• Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens and
take an average of 10 teen lives every
What Can You Do?
• Buckle up
• Slow down and be alert . Driving in
haste is such a waste!
• Don’t text and drive…it can wait!
• Be an attentive driver.
Want to be Part of STOP?
• Attend our meetings on Wednesdays
and Fridays in room 417.
• See Ms. Donis or Ms. Nieves
• Speak with a STOP member
We need your talent in our team. Help us
save lives while earning service learning