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Trusting in God
Proverbs 3:1-6
• Words written by the wisest mortal who ever lived
• Words approved by God
• Advice that will produce favor with God and add length of days
and peace to our lives- v.2 & v.4
• Addressed to the young- “ My son”
• But appropriate and needful for those of all ages
• Particularly the exhortation to trust in Jehovah
• That is what I want to study with you this morning
What Is Trust?
• A word that is often used today
• Trust is an expression of genuine faith
• We trust people and things in which we believe
• It is confidence and reliance that others will do what they say or
what we expect from them
• Trust is shown by our actions
• What we are willing to commit to those we trust
Things in which People Trust
• People trust in many different things
• But Solomon is referring to our greatest trust
• Which determines our decisions and directs our lives
1. Some trust in themselves - Prov. 28:26 & Lk. 18:9
2. Some trust in other people- II Ki. 18:21 & I Tim. 6:7
3. Others trust in wealth and possessions- Prov. 11:28
• Solomon says we should put our trust in God
Trusting in God
• Involves confidence in His words
• Relying on His promises
• Submission to His will and His law
• Allowing Him to direct our path
• A complete trust – “with all your heart” (V5)
• A comprehensive trust- “in all your ways” (V6)
• Which causes us to commit our life and all we that have to His
care- II Tim. 1:12
When It is Easy to Trust in the LORD
1. During good times and favorable circumstances
2. Concerning things that we like to hear
• That God loves us and cares for us personally
• That we are part of His family- Eph. 2:19
3. Concerning things that bring us gain or comfort
• That God will forgive our sins
• And will give us an eternal inheritance- I Pet.1:4
• We can easily trust God’s word in these matters
When It Is More Difficult to Trust In the LORD-1
1. When His way is not the popular way
• It usually isn’t the way of the majority- Mt. 7:14
2. When it is contrary to what I want to do
3. When it requires sacrifice on our part- Matt. 10:37-38
4. In times of financial loss, serious illness or loss of a loved one
5. When it may bring ridicule, exclusion or punishment- Jn. 12:42
& I Pet. 4:16
When It Is More Difficult to Trust In the LORD-2
• Being Jesus’ disciple is not always easy
• These more difficult situations are the times that try our faithI Pet. 1:7
• They show whether we walk by faith or just talk the faith
• Job’s lost his wealth, family, and his health
• He couldn’t understand why he was suffering
• But he still trusted in God- Job 13:15
Reasons for Trusting in God-1
1. He is omniscient
• Knows us better than we know ourselves
• Knows what we really need
• Knows what is best for us in all situations
• Knows what will bring genuine happiness
• Knows what will strengthen our faith
• Knows what will prepare us for Heaven
Reasons for Trusting in God-2
2. God is omnipotent
• There is nothing too difficult for Him
• He able to do anything and everything we need
• No matter what our situation may be
• Supplied Elijah and the widow- I Ki.17:13-15
• He is still able to provide for his children today- Phil. 4:19
Reasons for Trusting in God-3
3. His great love for us
• His love is eternal
• He planned for our salvation- I Pet.1:20
• Gave His only Son to accomplish it- Jn. 3:16
• His love is unselfish and constant
• He will not withhold any good thing from us- Rom. 8:32
• All that He does is for our eternal good
Reasons for Trusting in God-4
4. God is faithful
• People whom we trust sometimes prove unfaithful- II Tim. 4:10
• God is completely dependable- I Thess. 5:24
• Has kept every promise He has ever made
• And will do so in the future
• He will never disappoint those who trust in Him
• Nor will He ever forsake them- Heb 13:5
In Conclusion
• It is a great comfort and encouragement to trust in One so
mighty and so loving
• Who will never fail nor forsake us
• But will provide comfort and help at all times
• He will lead us in the way that is best for us now and will provide
eternal life in the future
• Have you put your trust in Christ?
• If not, won’t you do so now?
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