Learning about living in Africa

What would you expect to see if you
went to Africa?
Year 8
The most frequently mentioned
Individual countries listed
Monuments (mostly the Pyramids)
Football (stadiums and people playing)
However the most striking thing was
that actually, many students included a
huge range of responses, both positive
and negative and a diverse range of
There were a minority (around 25%)
that provided just basic information or
just negative things.
Things left out…..
• Technology
• Cities and modern buildings
• Monuments except the Pyramids
Some negative quotes
• ‘houses made of sticks’
• ‘If I went to Africa I would expect to see people in poverty’
• ‘I would expect to see a lot of poor people that may be dying of
starvation or from diseases. There would be a lot of wooden shacks.
Africa has some beautiful landscapes. There people there even
though they don’t have much their still happy. Some counties in
Africa don’t have toilets so there might be poo everywhere’
• ‘If I go to Africa I would expect to see lots of countries to be
working hard as Africa is a very poor continent. I would expect to
see lots of dirt and people dancing as Africans like dancing’
• ‘People walking for miles 80km a day. Women, men and children
work to save themselves and some people run 8 miles a day’
• What I would like to see in Africa is to see wildlife and to help to
bring up the poor because its very sad to see people suffer’
Poor but happy…
• ‘If I went to Africa I would like to see people that are happy
but poor so I can try to help them out’
• There are a lot of poor countries in African than Europe
and would have less luxurys than we would. Despite this,
there would be a lot of happy communities and families
making the most of what life can offer’
• ‘If I went to Africa I would be seeing a lot of happiness and
support of people even though some people are poor there
is still a lot of friendliness
• People enjoying life even though they have less than
people in the UK. To see people appreciate education. I
expect to see the beauty and wonders of Africa.’
• ‘People happy even though they don’t have much’
Balanced views:
• Love, sadness, happiness, anger, unity’
• ‘poor sides and rich sides in every country’
• ‘If I went to Africa it would really depend on what countries
I go. I would expect to see some countries more developed
with richer people and some countries with more poor
people. There is much to see as in animals in the planes’
• (after listing lots of positive things) ‘some war stricken
countries (which you will be able to find all over the Earth)’
• People think of Africa as a poverty stricken country but in
fact I believe that the upper half of the continent holds
most of the continents riches. Nigeria holds ???, Ghana
cocoa and Sierra Leone have diamonds.’
The aim!
• ‘Africa is a natural beauty that contains all life has to
offer. Africa has a multi-natural civilisation which has
beautiful features and people and a wonderful culture.
Most natural resources are originally found in this
wonderful continent. Africa is a place of many diverse
things which attract vast tourism and people from all
over the world. Africa is in my opinion one of the
worlds seven wonders. As well as all of its riches and
flourishing industries there are significant numbers of
people which live in poverty due to lack of jobs, no
funding, corruptive leaders and huge amounts of debt.
This leads to the suffering of the people.’
• Students from African countries share their
experiences with students from non African
countries (in particular students from the