Guidelines for RUSA lDP Evaluation

‘Common observations’
Avadh Bihari & Priyanka Korde
Consolidating observations
 Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives: conceptual clarity
 Executive Summary: should be 1-2 pages, needs to cover each
point of IDP briefly with each heading
 Furnish Approval number: instead of year of establishment, or
leaving it blank and enclose copy
 Academic Information: RUSA format to be followed
 Provide data for year 2012-13
 Sanctioned Intake annually- cover all quotas
 Accreditation NAAC/ NBA: If yes/ no/ under process, give
 Faculty Status: RUSA format to be followed
 2+2 = 4 only
 All faculty information
An eye for detail…
 Baseline Data:
 Base year should be 2012-13
 Exactness: Specific number or zero
 Not average, Not nil, NA=Not Applicable
 Format of table to be as per RUSA Guidelines – Not to be
changed/ modified/ deleted
 Transition Rate: Not averages, specific numbers
 Student-Teacher Ratio: Important to give exact ratio
Methodology - step-wise, detailed, pictorally represented (eg.
flow charts), not minuted format
Multi-Stakeholder Approach
Process of SWOT analysis to be given
SWOT analysis - lead to General & Specific objectives
Linkage of SWOT: Key activities – objectives – expected
outcomes – relevant SWOT
Key points: Not contradictory, make sense, strategic wording
Action Plans
 Cover all points as per Guidelines and prepare very pin
pointed plans
Brief write-up preceding detailed plan under each point as
Mention Needs analysis/ assessment done prior to
preparation of Action plan (enclose reports/ documents in
List out ‘Activities’ – Projectivise in calendar-months
Need identification as an activity in the plan should be
specific to the course, not generic to plan entire component
General explanation of concepts not required eg. Language
labs, pedagogy, etc.
Action Plans – Point 5 to 8 as per Guidelines to be covered
Training Needs Analysis
 TNA Action Plan in detail responding to:
 What do you propose to do?
 What will it contain? Components?
 How will you do it?
 Who can do it for you?
 Who will benefit/ undergo the training? Faculty details and
 What will they learn?
 How will it improve the quality of education? Expected
 Action Plans, numbers, costing, topics – List everything
Concrete steps for IDP
 Relevance/ Coherence of IDP with State economic development plan: Link IDP
goals to achieve access, equity, excellence of Institute to improvement of state
development – descriptive format
Participation of dept./ faculty in IDP Preparation & Implementation: Steps
should be given of their involvement with clarity
Institutional Project Implementation: Give a concrete plan and framework of
implementing it
Institutional Project Budget: RUSA format to be followed
Additionally, provide budget with component-wise planning
Action Plan for ensuring projects’ sustainability – max. one page
Annexure – Provide “evidence”, needs assessment reports, proposals, additional
information on action plans, detailed budgets, justification to support plans
Language coherence: Appropriateness, spellings, grammar
Not philosophocal or preachy; but precise and pin-pointed