The Rise of Dubstep

By Igor Brown
Why I chose this
Linking together
The show
The boring stuff
ITS HUGE!! And getting bigger day
by day. More and more Artists and
DJ’s are emerging with their heavy
Dubstep tracks even albums like
Magnetic Man. Nearly every club
based record company has got a
Dubstep mix of artists signed up
and selling albums,. It is the way to
go to remix anything literally you
want, theres even a Dubstep remix
of the Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning
interview. It has now stomped over
Drum & Bass, it is now becoming
the biggest part of the urban music
scene, and it wont be long till its at
the same level as House and Electro
music in Britain.
The purpose of my package is to
inform peeps about how huge it is
and that there is no reason why it
shouldn’t be on everyone's brand
new ipodpadphoneberry. By the
end of the package the effect
should be ‘OMG I NEED TO
‘ah nice its good they're spreading
the word about this fantastic genre
of music’. It will be presenter lead,
upbeat, cheery waky-uppy and
informative style.
My target audience
Radio 1 late style show so I
recon the audience im
aiming at will be in the
range between 18 and 25
years old.
Sound wise the package will include:
A minimum of 3 Interviews
Maybe Pre-recorded material
Music – Dubstep obv!
Maybe SFX
I know a tad about Dubstep, but
research wise theres still a lot more
to do that just being a huge fan of
Dubstep. Im going to need to go to
music blogs see what views are
about dubstep theres bound to be to
uber music nerds online debating
about it. There is so much money
making from Dubstep: Album sales,
gigs, clubs, DJ’s, etc. So sales figures,
popularity rates will be a good thing
to find out.
A record company - aiming for the big one ‘Ministry of Sound’ and contact as
much as possible go wild. Ask the record company everything to do with dubstep
the industry. Why../when../how..? Sales figures “so a huge album last month how
did it do’ kinda thing.
 A DJ/Artist or several – find an artist with a record deal or a DJ that has does
dubstep nights at clubs. Ask them about the response they get from people about
their music/the music they play. Ask them to maybe explain what dubstep is,
would go well to start of the show as a brief description. What makes dubstep so
different and more unique than other club genres.
 Contact UKF Youtube Channel or any other online dubstep based
website/blog/chart – UKF is the most popular dubstep youtube channel in the
UK, its had an album out also so ask about how well it did with that. Ask about
how many youtube hits they’ve got all together just on Dubstep and why they
think its so popular at the moment. Same sort of questions to the rest hits, etc.
 A Club Owner – find a club that does dubstep nights and contact the treasurer or
the owner and ask about how succesfull dubstep nights are.
BBC Radio 1
Around 8pm
Sort of basing it around Zane Lowes show or Annie Mac
and Nick Grimshaw. All three have a very upbeat
informative music based shows. Listened to them all
last week and like the way they put the show together,
good interviews, good music, good chat.
In relation to the other homies in my group I think the
basis of our show is ‘growing popularity of..’ live bands,
music venues and festivals, Music blogs, online
gambling…so the rise of Dubstep in the UK will be
I think theres not many young people that don’t want
to hear about new ways of listening music, talking
about music or listening to new music in genereal so
the target audience stays the same for all the other
packages 18 to 25.
OFCOM– all the rules will be strictly
undertaken. Cant mess up.
Do some research and find out as I go
through, the costs of the making of the
package, etc.
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