MEL-Con Revisions/Sample

MEL-Con Revisions/Sample
Watch the teacher as she writes a MEL-Con
Compare with yours. Fix yours. Turn in for
Main Idea (topic sentence)
 Your statement clearly and accurately states the main idea.
 Makes a direct and concise argument or claim
 References the counterargument
 Previews your reasoning
Main Idea (topic sentence)
 Although Christianity and African beliefs have some
differences, these two convictions share more than enough
similarities, and, therefore, we should be able to respect one
another regardless of belief.
Main idea = comparison between Christianity and African
Direct/Concise argument = they are more similar
Counterargument = they have some differences
Reasoning = we should be able to respect one another
regardless of belief.
Evidence (examples, facts)
 Strongly proves the main claim
 Does not ignore the counterargument
 Makes specific reference to the text
 Includes at least one text quotation
 Incorporated smoothly with transitional words/phrases
Link (your explanation of how the
example links to or supports your main
 Includes sentences that explain HOW your evidence
supports your main idea.
 How your differences/similarities reveal a conflict or
 Explanation is unique
 Moves the reader beyond the main idea
Evidence #1 + Link #1
 Some view the African and Christian beliefs to be mostly different because
of their opinions of nature. The African believe that nature is so important
that there must be a god for each aspect of nature. “Olokun ruled the
endless water and wild marshes” and Olorun “ruled the sky.” Each of the
gods was responsible for one portion of nature. This proves that they
valued nature. Christian belief shows that they, too, believe in the
importance of nature, but nature serves another purpose in the Christian
belief. Instead of nature being so important that it must have multiple
gods surrounding the creation, the Christians believe that nature is there
to serve and provide for humans, the true ruler of land. Yes, the Christian
God created all, but it was stated in the creation myth that humans must
“have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens
and over every living thing that moves on earth.” This demonstrates the
power that humans have over nature. So, even though they believe in
nature differently, it is still clearly an important aspect of each belief and
we, therefore, should find common ground between the two.
Conclusion (recap/summary)
 Final statement gives the paragraph closure
 Summarizes your claim and evidence
 Creatively paraphrases the main argument
 Not a simple repetition.
 It is very clear that the African belief and the Christian belief
had differences; it would lack any creativity or diversity if
everything was the same. Even through all of the differences,
the similarities are there to provide some common aspects
and values that connect the two convictions. Difference of
opinion and belief is what makes this world interesting, but
it’s the common interest of faith and values that brings us all
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