The Massey Report & the policies of Trudeau
Canadian Culture
• Is having a distinctive Canadian culture
important? Why or why not?
• Brainstorm as many Canadian singers, writers,
actors, and visual artists, past or present, as you
– Do you know if any of them were active in the 1950s?
– Who were based in Canada for most or all of their
Royal Commission on the National
Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences:
The Massey Report
• Chaired by Vincent Massey
• Is our cultural sovereignty
• In 1951, concluded that Canada was
threatened culturally by the USA
• Recommended the creation of
cultural institutions such as the
National Library of Canada and other
grant-giving government agencies.
The Massey Report: Some Primary Evidence
The Massey Report: the CBC
The Massey Report: the CBC
1. Speculate about the impact on Canadian culture
today if the CBC had not been established in the
1950s with a mandate to promote Canadian
2. What other recommendations would you like to
see in the Massey report?
Some benefit from the
Massey Report…
If you were to base your judgment only on these 1991 data,
how successful would you think the Massey Report has been?
OK Trudeau we’re threatened now make us distinct
Cultural Mosaic vs. Melting Pot
What’s better? Why? Implications?
On October 8th, 1971, the Federal government adopts
a policy of Multiculturalism under Trudeau…
1. Advocate that society should consist of or at least allow and
include, distinct cultural groups, with equal status
2. Federal funds $$$ given to distinct ethnic groups to help
them preserve their cultures
The Result…
2007 University of Toronto study found that many non-white
immigrants do not identify themselves as being Canadian
Here’s to you Canada,
Here’s to your hockey hair, your long underwear,
and to multicouloured money.
Here’s to sayin’ please, your ducks and geese
and to always bein’ funny.
Here’s to your open spaces away from the rat
races, and a beer that quences the thirst.
Here’s to bein’ proud and sayin’ it out loud,
even when you don’t come first.
Here’s to your pretty girls, your black
coloured squirrels and a flag that stands so free.
Here’s to different races from different places
Who love this country like me.
But most of all, here’s to standing tall and sayin’
like a true Acadian,
I love this land, I love this country, and
Immigration- agree or disagree?
1. Immigrants are good for Canada
2. Only French and English speaking immigrants should
be allowed into Canada
3. Immigrants should be told where to live
4. Immigrants with money should be let into Canada
5. Applicants who have family in Canada should be
allowed to immigrate but can’t go on welfare for 2
6. Melting pots are better than mosaics
7. All immigrants should be made to
do time in the military
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