The Journey of a cheese sandwich!

The Journey of a cheese
The Mouth
• The Mouth is the first stage of the journey for
the Cheese sandwich. Once in the mouth the
cheese sandwich gets broken down by your
teeth. Your molars start grinding the Cheese
sandwich down, the Cheese sandwich is also
broken down by enzymes. Enzymes attack the
starch. Your saliva coats the food and makes it
easier to swallow.
The Oesophagus and Stomach
• Once the food has been chewed and
swallowed it will go down the Oesophagus
which will take it to your stomach. Once in the
stomach it will stay there for 2-3 hours while
being churned around and turned into chyme.
The small intestine
• Once the chyme exits the stomach it goes into
the Small Intestine. In the small intestine the
chyme gets broken down even more. The food
now has tiny molecules in it. These molecules
are small enough to pass through the walls of
the small intestine and into
the blood stream.
• When moving along the intestines the food
gets a little assistance from the muscles lining
the walls of the intestines. The muscles
contract and then retract pushing the food
The End of the Journey
• If any food is not useful to the body it won’t
be absorbed. Instead it will go into the large
intestines where any insoluble fibre ends up.
• As the Food travels along the Large Intestine,
water is absorbed back into the body. Finally
the waste is released through the Anus when
you go to the loo.
The food groups In a cheese sandwich.
• The food groups in a cheese sandwich include
starch and milk and dairy. It also contains
Protein and Carbohydrates. The Bread is the
starch And the butter and cheese is the milk
and dairy.
Why does the body need food?
• The body needs food to get energy so it can
do exercise and things that use up energy for
longer. Carbohydrates give you energy of a
long period of time while Glucose (sugar)
gives you a short burst of energy.
• Enzymes – Chemicals in your Saliva.
• Oesophagus – Also Known as the Gullet it is a
tube going from your mouth to your stomach.
• Chyme – A mushy liquid.
• Stomach – A bag of hydrochloric acid.
• Small intestine – A tube Where most of the
digestion happens.
• Molecules – A neutral group of two atoms.
• Anus – The Scientific name for your bum hole.
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