Business plan worksheet

Homework worksheets
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(Insert team name)
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Mission Statement
• Insert here
Elevator Pitch
• Insert here
Work Breakdown Structure
• Insert here
Technical Plan and Schedule
• Insert schedule here
Business Plan Questions
• Answer the questions below, and for each of
the 10 answers you might want to provide
(a) a few sentences of text or descriptions of
your answer;
(b) one concise graphic, illustration, or other
non verbal way of capturing the essence of
your response
1. The Founder(s) – Who are you and why are you the one to run
with this?
Insert answer here
2. The Idea - Tell the core story of your idea, and articulate it
clearly so it captures people’s imagination
Insert answer here
3. The Product - What is the product? How is it unique?
Insert answer here
4. Who Cares - Describe (a) an individual customer for your
product; and (b) ways you’d calculate the total market size. (c)
ways in which you'd get the attention of people who are in your
Insert answer here
5. Competition - Who is your competition? How will they react?
What’s your ongoing advantage? (including Intellectual Property)
Insert answer here
6. Who Pays - What is your business model? How do you make
Insert answer here
7. Keys To Success & Risks - What factors contribute to your
success and which of these can you directly control? Why could
you fail? What do you worry about and how do you mitigate?
Insert answer here
8. Key Milestones - What are the key milestones for your
company? When will you have de-risked something that is
critical to the business, and how will you have enough
information to decide?
Insert answer here
9. Financing Requirements - How much money do you need?
Over how much time and in how many chunks? Where will you
get it and how will you spend it?
Insert answer here
10. What’s missing - What skills or other elements are missing in
your team? Who will you need to hire?
Insert answer here