PowerPoint training template

Travel Training Program
[Insert Image]
Your Trip
Getting Started!
You can:
 Call [Insert transit
 Use [Insert online Trip
 Use route maps and
[Insert Image of route
Call [Insert Transit Agency]
 [Insert Customer
Service Telephone
 [Insert Customer
Service Centre Hours]
[Insert Image of
telephone and
customer service
Route Maps and Schedules
Maps and schedules are
available at:
 [Insert locations]
[Insert Images of a map
and a schedule]
How to read a route map
On your route map you
should mark:
 Your location
 Your destination
 Landmarks
 Transfer points
[Insert image or route
Plan your trip with [Insert trip
Plan your trip online!
 Go to [Insert website]
 [Insert instructions]
[Insert image of trip
If you use a mobility device…
You will need to find out:
 If your mobility device
will fit on the vehicle
 Length?
 Width?
 Weight?
 If the stations and stops
are accessible
[Insert images of
mobility devices]
 Check your route map
and [Insert online Trip
 Confirm your transfer
with a [Insert Transit
Agency] Customer
Service Representative
[Insert image of
transfer and/or
transfer points on a
route map]
[Insert image]
Street Smarts
Getting to the Bus
Things to bring with you:
 Identification
 Extra Money
 Trip Plan Worksheet
 Keys
 Bus Schedule and
route map
 Cell phone
 Pass, Ticket or Exact
 Snack and water
When you are out
Remember to:
 Wait in a safe place
 Close your wallet or
 Stay alert!
 Stand back from the
[Insert images]
Bus Stops and Shelters
[Insert image of Transit agency bus stop and
Route names and numbers
[Insert image of transit agency vehicle(s) with
route name and number]
Other vehicles in the region
[Insert images of other transit agency vehicles]
Paying your fare
You can use:
 A Ticket
 A Pass
 Cash
 Have exact change!
 Don’t forget to get a
[insert images of fare
How to get on the bus
Check the bus name and number
Wait for other passengers to get off
Have your cash, ticket or pass ready
Ask the driver for a transfer
Tell the driver your destination if you need
Take a seat!
Courtesy Seating
 Reserved for people
with disabilities,
seniors, and
passengers with
children in strollers
 Usually located at the
front of the bus
[Image of Courtesy
Seating icon]
If you use a mobility device
 [Insert transit agency]
has low-floor kneeling
buses with ramps
 The bus driver can
lower the ramp
 The bus driver can not
provide physical
[Insert image of lowfloor/kneeling bus]
How to get on with your mobility
 Wait for other passengers to get off
 Wait for the driver to lower the ramp
 Go to one of the wheelchair seating areas
 Let the driver secure your device
 Tell the driver where you want to get off
Getting off the bus
 Listen and look for
 Look out the
window for
 Ask the driver if you
aren’t sure
[Insert images of
Signalling for a stop
[Insert image of stop cords]
When the bus arrives at your stop
Stay seated until bus has come to a complete
Check that you have all of your belongings
Get off at the rear of the bus
Check the timetable at the bus stop for your
return trip
Wait to cross the street
[Insert image]
Extra Tips
Drivers and Conductors
 Ask for help when
you need it!
 Tell them where you
are going
 Ask if there are any
changes at your stop
[Insert image of driver or
Customer Service Staff
 Provide safety and
customer service
 Announce updates
and changes
 Tell customers their
stop upon request
[Insert image of Customer
Service Staff]
I missed my bus!
You can:
 Check the schedule at the
bus stop for the next bus
 Check the online route
 Call the [Insert transit
agency] Information Line
[Insert phone number]
[Insert image]
The bus is full!
You can:
 Wait for the next bus
If you use a mobility
 [Insert transit agency
[Insert image]
What to do in extreme weather
 Check the Service Updates page
[Insert link]
 Contact [Insert phone number]
 Give yourself extra time
 Carry a raincoat and umbrella
 Bring a hat and water
 Carry important contact information
 Travel a different way
images of
‘Request a Stop’
‘Request a Stop’ is
available on buses
between [Insert times]:
 Tell the bus driver
where you want to get
 Get off at the front
[Insert image]
Lost and Found
If you’ve lost an item
while travelling on
[Insert Transit Agency]:
 Call [Insert phone
 Go to [Insert location]
[Insert image]