The three branches of government under the constitution are like a

By: Andrew Tanous
The stadium is like the constitution because just
as the constitution is the foundation of the U.S,
a stadium is the foundation for a football team.
The players are like the people because they both
are required to obey the laws or rules.
The Defense of Coordinator is like the Executive
branch because the Defense of Coordinator
enforces the rules just like the Executive
The coaches are like the Legislative branch
because the coaches make rules for the players
just like the Legislative branch makes laws for
the people.
The referees are like the Judicial branch because
the ref’s interpret the laws or rules just like the
Judicial branch.
The commissioner is like the president because
they both are able to make decisions for the
people or players.
The owners are like the congress because the
owners decide what is best for the team just as
the congress decides what is best for the
The leagues rules are like the supreme court
because the rules decide if you get in trouble
and for how long just like the supreme court
Sports analyst are like checks and balances
because the sports analyst always check on the
players and are balanced by the NFL general
managers just like checks and balances does.
The two leagues are like separation of powers
because the two separate leagues keep one
league from being way stronger then the other
league just like separation of powers.
Walter C. Kemp is like James Madison because
Walter C. Kemp was the man who created
football and is like James Madison because he
created the constitution.
The Hall of Fame is like the House of
Representatives because the Hall of Fame
represents the NFL just as the house of
representatives represents the government.
The NFL draft is like the constitutional
convention because just as the constitutional
convention changed the constitution the draft
changes the NFL a little bit every year.
The old rules are like the Articles of
Confederation because the old rules were
resulting into chaos, just as the Articles of
Confederation did.
Vince Lombardi is like George Washington
because Vince Lombardi was the first coach to
win multiple super bowls, just as George
Washington was the first president of the
United States.