Multiple Response Strategies (MRS)

Up-Grading Your MRS
Toolkit 8+
Let Us Upgrade YA
Response Card
After watching the video…
Which multiple response
strategy would you use
to foster student
engagement and why?
Multiple Response Strategies
Multiple response strategies are
techniques designed to elicit
responses from most of the
students in a class numerous times
during a class period.
8 Multiple Response Strategies
 Response Card
 Whip-around
 Modified Whiparound
 Think-pair- share
 Table Talk
 Quick Response
 Oral/Choral
 White Boards
1. Numbered Heads
2. Quick-Draws
3. Head to Head
 Response Card (M.R.S.)
A response card requires a
student to write a brief
answer to a question.
Response Card
 This can be used throughout your entire lesson.
 Each response is meant to be QUICK!
 Can be used as a formative assessment or as a
Demonstration of Learning (DOL).
 Can invite individual oral response, pair share
&/or Table Talk
Response Card Upgrade:
Total Participation Technique
Let’s make
and take!!!
 Whip-Around (M.R.S.)
Requires a quick response
from each student. Students
are given up to a minute to
formulate an answer and
then a few seconds to
respond in succession.
 Modified WHIP-AROUND
Similar to the Whip-around, except
students with similar answers sit down
once their answer is given by
another student.
Core Beliefs
 Our main purpose is to improve student academic
 Effective instruction makes the most difference in
student academic achievement.
 There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.
 With our help, at-risk students will achieve at the
same rate as non-risk students.
 Staff members must have a commitment to children
AND a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.
 Think-Pair-Share
aka ..share with your neighbor !
Strategy used to
promote purposeful
and relevant
conversations between
two or three students.
 Encourages listening skills
 Gives time for processing information & verbalizing learning
 It must be timed and include a specific outcome
 Can be written
 It’s a good idea to state “When time is up, I expect you to
have _____________”
 Table Talk (M.R.S.)
Response strategy for a small
group (3-5) that focuses
student discussions.
 Quick Response (M.R.S.)
Response strategy used to
encourage all students to
process information,
formulate their responses,
and provide a quick
response when called upon.
 White Boards (M.R.S.)
Response strategy that supports multiple
learning modalities (visual, kinesthetic,
auditory) while teacher provides immediate
feedback during a check for
White Board Make & Take
 Oral/Choral Response (M.R.S.)
High energy, fun, response
strategy, requiring students
to respond in unison.
Good Engagement
Let Us Upgrade Ya…
Up-grade #1:
Numbered Heads Together
Let Us Upgrade YA…
Up-grade #2:
 Select a “big idea” or major concept within your
 Ask students to reflect on the meaning of the
concept and create a visual image that
represents that concept.
 Have students share (use turn and talk or table
 Have one member from the group present
another’s drawing and explain what it represents.
Let Us Upgrade YA…
Up-grade #3
Head to Head
Two students stand up to
answer the question, the
student who gets the correct
answer first, remains standing
and selects a new challenger
Demonstration of Learning
Include your responses on your second index
card…this is your exit ticket.
 List the eight multiple response strategies (M.R.S)
 List one “Upgrade” you would like to introduce
to your colleagues & why