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Lets have some fun
How to answer exam style
Jake, Haris, Nick, Eli, Josh, Dylan, Kyle, Indy, Natalie,
Emily, Helen, Inderpreet, Lilly, Magalie, Izzy, Sophie,
Alicia, Aaliyah, Michelle, Abi, Amber, Lucy, Rhianna,
Kirsty, Kennedi, Bryony, Kira, Shelly, Beth, Fionnuala,
Gabbie, Carys…
Putting it all together
Each question - in FIVE parts…
 Part (a) = 1 mark knowledge question
 Part (b) = 2 mark knowledge question
 Part (c) = 3 mark knowledge question
 Part (d) = 6 mark question testing your
knowledge and understanding
 Part (e) = a 12 mark question asking you to
evaluate a statement and consider different
 2 questions - 30 minutes to answer each question
 (a – c) are quick answers – worth [1, 2, 3 marks]
 (d) 8 -10 minutes… explain something (belief/teaching)
= make a point and explain it. [6]
 (e) 12 – 15 minutes…[12]
 Speling and Grammer is worth an extra 3 marks for the
first time
Lets have a go…
 What is a God? (1 mark)
a god is a divine being
•Name two things Christians believe about miracles
(2 marks)
1) a miracle is an amazing event not bought
about by humans or nature, and so, is said to be performed
by God
2) Christians see miracles as a way that God
shows his love for people
Describe Christian beliefs about God. (3
marks = three points)
1) Christians believe in God as Trinity…the father, son and
Holy Spirit.
2) Christians believe that God wants people to
have a relationship with Him – he shows what he is like in
3) God is omni-this, omni-that; He is creator,
who is transcendent, immanent, personal (Trinity)
Explain why Christians believe in God (6
marks) – 3x points: explained, or examples, or combination of both)
 Start – Christians believe in God for many
 Could say…
If alltoelse
fails – of God – in detail
 Different arguments
the existence
 People having
of God
or events
some bullet
! which have
changed their lives and made them believe in God
 Influence of upbringing/part of a Christian community
 Miracles
 Conscience
 Experience
‘There is no way of
God existed
like.’ [12]
Belief in Deity
Discuss this statement…You should
include different, supported points of
view and a personal viewpoint.
‘If God existed we would know it’ (12)
What are we going to talk about?
See work-sheet
 The Trinity
 Who is God – how do Christians’ describe ‘Him’
 Bible – the word of God
 Up-bringing (church – parents)
 Creation – cosmological argument (first cause) –
Teleological argument (design)
 Moral argument (Conscience)
 Miracles – Old Testament, New Testament, today…
 Experiences (numinous – conscience)
 (What is the question asking…mention
Christianity - key words)
 Intro: - ‘There is a lot of evidence to show that
God exists’
 This is an important statement to Christians
because…they would say that there is a lot of evidence
to show that God exists.
 Christian viewpoint (PEE) X3:
Some Christians would say…
This is because…
For example… X3
 Christian viewpoint (PEE) X3:
Some Christians would say…
This is because…
For example… X3
Another argument used by Christians is William Paley’s
watch analogy. Paley stated that “If you had never seen a
watch before, and found one, you would be amazed and
the complexity of its design would make you believe
there was a watch maker.” The universe is so complex,
that it too must have a designer. This statement proves to
be a good theory for God designing the universe. The
watch argument is supported in the Bible in Genesis, the
creation story.
Example 2
Christians also visit shrines to God to get
healed, miracles apparently happen in
these places; Knock in Ireland, and
Lourdes in France. These places are
known to have cured the sick, which for
Christians is evidence that God exists.
Example 3
In my opinion there is no solid evidence
that God exists so I will continue to be
sceptical until it’s proven otherwise. In my
eyes if God existed then he would not
allow prejudice against homosexuals and
people of a different creed or colour as He
has created these people in His image, so
they must be acceptable to everyone in
 Other Christians tend to focus on the Cosmological
Argument to prove that God exists. Thomas Aquinas first
said that everything must have a first cause, that
something is not produced from nothing. This theory is
correct as everything that happens in the world has to
have a starting event which causes the outcome.
Aquinas stated that if this is the case, then the universe
must have a first cause and, to Christians, the only
possible cause is God, therefore God exists.
Opposing argument (PEE): other Christians
– Secular (atheist - agnostic) – Humanist: x2/3 –
 DO NOT talk about any other religion
An atheist might argue…
This is because…
If all else fails –
For example…
write some bullet points!
An atheist might disagree with these points because of all
the suffering, poverty and other evils that occur in the world.
For example, the 2004 tsunami, which left 220,000 people
dead and many more homeless. Why would a loving God
allow this to happen.
Evaluation - My viewpoint on this is…
I agree with this. If God is omnipotent, omnibenevolent then He would
surely want to help all in his creation and prove that he is an all loving
God. At the same time, because he is transcendent, then it may not be
possible for Him to intervene in his creation. This may lead some to
believe that he is not all powerful.
Overall or In Conclusion, my view(s) on
the religious idea(s) is(are)…
Overall, I’m not sure if it’s possible to know if God exists. On the one hand the
way in which creation appears to work like clockwork makes me feel that it
could not have happened by chance, and that God must have been the first
cause. Yet science, and philosophers like Richard Dawkins point to the idea of
the big bang and evolution to explain the universe. This seems to disprove
your opinion is crucial…
• Write down how you think you did in this task.
General Feedback Y10
1 minute per
Know the
structure of
each question
In the real exam you will have a
choice – choose wisely
Read each
properly and
relate your
answer to it
 What is the question asking…mention
Christianity-key words
This is an important statement to Christians
Christian viewpoint (PEE) X3:
Some Christians would say…
This is because…
For example…
I agree/disagree with… I think this because…
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