Rising Dragon Martial Arts: Tai Yuan Tao Kung Fu

Rising Dragon Martial Arts:
Tai Yuan Tao Kung Fu
Community Resource Beneficial for
Local Children
Tai Yuan Tao Discipline:
Physically Rewarding
Technical forms:
Improves coordination
Building strength
Improves self esteem
Develops self confidence
Tai Yuan Tao Kung Fu: Mind and Body
Benefits for Students
 Teaches mental control and focus
 Concentration
 Personal responsibility
 Achieve goals
 Gain pride and acceptance
 Student becomes integrated in the school
 Utilize experiential knowledge assisting beginners
 Learn skill of encouragement
Tai Yuan Tao: Behavioral Benefits
in Traditions for students
 Atmosphere of dignity in class traditions
 Learning respect – traditional bow
 Taught to follow class rules
 Develop sense of honor
 Builds trust between instructors and students
 Community impact = sense of “family”
Tai Yuan Tao Kung Fu:
Bullying vs. Self Defense
 Increased bullying problem causes negative results
 Behavioral problems create battlefields on school buses
 Students understand discipline taught for self-defense
 Rising Dragon has strict moral code of honor
 Emphasizes idea of fair play and honorable character
 Students display positive class representation to community
 Teaches defend more important than winning attitude
 Taught personal safety and responsibility for actions
 Control your emotions or your emotions will control you!
Rising Dragon Martial Arts Kung Fu
Key Benefits for children:
Improved health
Social awareness
Student camaraderie developed during training
Enjoy community spirit of martial arts
Excellent place to foster spirit in wholesome environment
Costs less than one pair of Levi jeans per month
Rising Dragon Tai Yuan Tao
Kung Fu Discipline
Rising Dragon Martial Arts Kung Fu
Tai Yuan Tao Discipline
144 N. Redwood Highway
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523
Sifu Michael Spring
[email protected]
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