Frog Legs

Frog Legs And Snails
By Connor, Hannah,
Dylan, CJ, Jordan
The Dangers of Eating Frog’s Legs
•Frogs raised in farms have very high rates of chytrid infection which is a
disease that rapidly kill amphibious populations
Frog Legs
•Frog Legs have been eaten for hundreds of years by many cultures
including our own
•In some cultures it has turned into a national delicacy
History of Frog Legs
•The Aztec and Chinese were the first common people to eat frog’s legs
•Soon after, French peasants began eating frog legs and it became a
national delicacy
America and Frog Legs
•America consumes one fifth of the worlds frog legs
•There is a frog eating festival in Fellsmere, Florida
•California gold-miners ate the red legged-frog nearly to extinction
•Although eating snails (escargot) is thought to be started by the French they
have been eaten for thousands of years by Romans and Greeks
•Escargot has been eaten for thousands of years and is considered in many of
cultures as a delicacy
Escargot and Different Cultures
•It is believed that edible snails were brought to America in the 1850’s
and today America has the most recipes for escargot in the world
•There are many different recipes for escargot in the world such as the
French, Italian, and the Greek
Escargot Facts
•Escargot has it’s own day dedicated to it which is on May 24th
•Millions of pounds of escargot are eaten around the world each year
•Escargot is associated with France because the French eat them in such
large quantity
Even though thought to be of French origin both escargot and Frog Legs are
not have been around long before and even though people may think that
eating these foods are disgusting many people around the world eat them
including in America.
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