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So you missed Citrix Synergy 2012
Al Solorzano
Principal Architect
Agile360 – a Division of Entisys Solutions
Citrix’s Cloud strategy
Desktop Transformation
XenClient Enterprise Preview
Exhibit Hall Tour of interesting companies
Citrix’s Strategy
Time Slicing
Time Slicing
How quickly can you switch?
Desktop Transformation
Desktop Transformation Accelerator
Links to Assessment Tools and Templates
Includes a trial edition of LakeSide Systrack to
identify applications & resource utilization
Guided or Assisted Design
Peer Benchmarks
Links to Best Practices
Does require knowledge of concepts
• Entisys/Agile360 offers
services to deliver a
Desktop Transformation
• Inquire with your Account
Representative for more
Universal Print Server
• Coming soon (XenApp 6.5 FP1 and
XenDesktop 5.6 FP1)
– Removes need for print drivers on XA and XD
– WAN performance improvements
– UPD for Network Printers
Remote PC
Latest member of FlexCast in XenDesktop 5.6 FP1
Easy “on-ramp” towards desktop virtualization
Instant benefit to end users
Secure, mobile access to office based PCs
Included with XenDesktop Enterprise or Platinum*
No VDA licensing
* Planned licensing model at time of announcement
The Application Problem
How many applications does your organization run?
Who uses which application?
How much resources does each application use?
Does a specific application
work on Windows 7 32bit? Windows 7 64-bit? Windows Server 2008 R2?
• And what about Windows 8/Windows Server 2012?
• How can you keep track of all this?
• Can I get this done in time?
Introducing Citrix AppDNA
Automated application analysis
Collects thousands of data points
Comprehensive reporting
Outlines areas that need attention
Application preparation
Can assist with Citrix streaming and App-V
Application management tools
Handles day-to-day updates and patches
Order of Operations
Remediation Recommendations
Effort Calculator
Package for distribution
10.0 Release
• Improved Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
Server load balancing and traffic management
• Action Analytics
• Tech Preview: NetScaler for Amazon Web
• Tri-Scale
Action Analytics
• Reporting of Top 10
URLs, Top
Applications and Top
• SLAs – Send top
clients to least loaded
• Moderate bandwidth
for sites under
unusually heavy loads
What you may not know about Netscaler?
• Web Interface on NetScaler
• NetScaler VPX, MPX, and SDX platforms
– VPX for small envrionments or test/dev
– MPX for medium to enterprise production deployments
– SDX for cloud providers or segmented enterprise IT deployments
• Benefits of VPX with the scalability of MPX
• NetScaler is foundation for CloudGateway 2
– Integration of Private cloud application, Public cloud applications and Personal
cloud data
– Self service with single sign on functionality
XenClient Enterprise Preview
What is XenClient?
Type 1 (Bare-metal) hypervisor
for VT enabled laptops to allow
multiple VMs (personal and
private, XP and 7, etc.)to run
simultaneously with only a
little overhead and a toolset to
synchronize/control VMs with
corporate IT
Citrix acquires Virtual Computer
• Easily deploy virtual desktops to
XenClient devices
• Automate backups
• Remote Wipe
• Rollout/Rollback updates
• Recover from device disasters
If you have XenDesktop
Enterprise or Platinum,
you are already licensed
XenClient Enterprise
3 Editions of XenClient
• XenClient Express
– Free but minimal features
• XenClient XT
– Extreme isolation and security for public sector
• XenClient
– Enterprise deployment
Exhibit Hall Tour
• eg Innovations – Service
Monitoring & some reporting
• Splunk - Reporting
• OpNet – Service Monitoring
XenApp/XenDesktop Tools
• Consultants Virtual Session Indexer (VSI)
– Already scripted capacity planning tool with ability to create your own scripts
– “Start performing scalability tests within 1 day… guaranteed” *
– Performs tests after each change to the environment to ensure optimal configuration
• Atlantis Computing ILIO
– Leverage hypervisor RAM to reduce IOPS on storage
– XenApp - 15 to 20% more users on same server, cut storage costs by 92%*
– XenDesktop – Estimated $200 CAPEX for stateless VMs and 12 second boots*
* Marketing Material
Thin Clients galore
Wyse acquired by Dell (April 2, 2012)
HDX System-on-Chip
Wyse Xenith 2
HP All in one Thin Client
Sub $100 Thin client vendor
– nComputing
Calls to Action
• Take the survey (e-mailed shortly) for a chance to win a $100
gift card
• Look at the Desktop Transformation Accelerator
• Learn more on how Citrix AppDNA can improve application
compatibility testing and remediation
• Start planning for XenDesktop and XenApp upgrades
• Leverage NetScaler for Tri-Scale flexibility and
CloudGateway/Receiver/ShareFile Integration
What couldn’t I get to???
Personal vDisks (delivered in
XenDesktop 5.6)
Project Avalon (cloud based
Podio (cloud based
collaboration site – Acquired
by Citrix)
Citrix CloudGateway 2
Citrix XenServer 6
Microsoft Systems Center 2012
Citrix VDI-in-a-Box (Migration
SKU to Citrix XenDesktop)
BYOD updates
Dell DVS Simplified (appliance
based VDI-in-a-Box)