Commercial Surgical Simulators
An overview
by Zaheer Mukhtar
Laparoscopic Surgery
Used in Laparoscopy
Laparoscopic simulators
• What is Laparoscopic Simulator ?
• Why do we need simulators?
• Current simulators and technology in the
Why do we need simulators?
• Unethical to perform on practice on human
• Affordable
• No time limitation
• Risk free practice
▫ No infection worries
▫ Safety from serious accidents
Box Trainers
• Market leaders in “ Science of touch”.
• CathSim (Vascular access simulator).
• AccuTouch(Endovascular simulation &
Endoscopy Simu.
• MIST-VR (1990 s)
• Does not provide actual
surgical environment.
• Collaborated with Sim-Surgery
A/S to develop Key surgical
activities KSA.
• Advance activities such as,
suturing, knot tying, needle
passing and stitching.
• Procedicus for MIST and KSA
modules, haptic from immersion.
• Price 16000$-25000$
Surgical Science AB
• LapSim (2002), virtual laparoscopic interface.
• LapSim Basic 2.0 released (2003), 9 tasks with 3 level of difficulties.
• Provides performance evaluation
• LapSim Gyn and LapSim
Dissections modules
• LapSim basic around 50,000$
• 16,000$ each module.
Simbionix Ltd.
• LapMentor (2003) with 3 modules
• Basic Task Module
▫ Camera manipulation, hand-eye
coordination, clip applying
translocation of objects.
• Procedural Tasks module
▫ Step by step Cholecystectomy with
video tutorials
• Virtual Patient Module
▫ CT and MRI library, combine
various cases of CT and MRI over a
virtual patient
 Price 90,000$
RoSS Simulator (for practicing for
Reachin Technologies AB
• Reachin Laparoscopic Trainer (RLT) 2002.
• 2004, collaboration with Mentice AB.
• Two modules
1. RLT-B
Basic laparoscopic skills only
Full simulation of
laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.
Unique Feature is option for haptic
Over all Comparison
Sofie (Robot for surgery)