10th Juror - SASC Year 12 EAL 2013

10th Juror
Twelve Angry Men
 Pushy
 Loudmouth
(pg. 41)
 Personal prejudice
 Abhorrent
 Racist
 Stubborn
 Openly bitter and bigotry
garage owner – “I got 3
garages of mine on pot
while you’re talking” (pg. 18)
 From his personalities he is:
 conservative upbringing
 prejudice against all people
who are not like himself
At the beginning of jury
 Before
voting: “Great idea! Maybe we
can get him elected senator.” (laughs)
(pg. 3)
 “It’s those people! I’m telling’ you they let
the kids run wild up there. Well, maybe it
serves ‘em right.” (pg. 6)
 “We don’t owe him a thing. He got a fair
trail…He’s lucky he got it.”
 He’s
reliance on the testimony of a
witness when he had previously insisted
that everyone of those witness’s ethnicity
is a liar.
 He finds faults in mostly all those around
him especially different race (Latino),
financial class (rich and poor) or
background (born in a slum)
During discussion
He raises his voice and yells on top of his lungs
=> he wants to be noticed and listened to
He didn’t help anything for the case but
disturbing the other by his personal prejudice.
Other jurors’ speech is all important and none
of them should be silent expect the 10th juror.
Nothing is came from his mouth but racism
and bigotry. In the end, other jurors’ disgusted
by his undemocratic thought and turns their
backs on him.
At the end of jury
 He
changes his vote to “not guilty”
“Yes, I think he’s guilty. But I couldn’t care
less...”Not guilty”. Do whatever you want”
(pg. 58)
The reason is not because he’s convinced
by juror 8 but he couldn’t deny the doubt of
witness’s eyesight. Since the majority of jury
vote for “not guilty”
His important quotes
“The kids, who crawl outa those places are
real trash. I don’t want any part of them. I’m
telling you’ (pg. 12)
“Bright? He’s a common, ignorant slob. He
don’t even speak good English”(pg. 28)
“These people are born to lie… They don’t
know what’s the truth is…They are different.
They think different. They act different…They
don’t need a big excuse to kill some one”
(pg. 51)
 “They’re
very big
drinkers” (pg. 51)
 “That’s how they are, by
nature. Violent! Human
life don’t mean as much
to them as it does to
us.”(pg. 52)
 “Family don’t mean
anything to them. They
breed like animals”(pg.
 “They’re gonna breed us
out of existence” (pg. 53)
Juror 10 is the one who easily antagonized by
the rest of the jury.
He always segregate the world into “us” and
“them” categories. His intelligence is slave to
his bitter prejudice.
From him the audience could find another
side of justice system where prejudice is also
present in it and form the cloud which hidden
the facts and fairness of the trail.