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American Literature
Week Two: Early American Literature
Am Lit DO NOW 8-11-14
What do you think of when you think of
“American Literature”?
What do you think the early Americans
wrote about?
What’s a myth? Can you name any?
Success Today Means 8-11
Students will annotate an informational text to
identify the struture first: topic and detail
sentences and then summarize their
paragraph’s important info and report out to
the class.
Students are successful when they
demonstrate comprehension by answering
the essay questions for homework
Am Lit DO NOW 8-12-14
What are some racial stereotypes that
you have seen in movies/TV?
ELITE: How could this affect children
growing up who watch these
(Especially if they are a minority and the
stereotype is the only time they see
people who look like them on TV)
“Sun Still Rises” questions 1-5 will be
reviewed tomorrow. Have them ready
in class.
Am Lit Success Today Means
Students will analyze the Native American
portrayed in film using characterization and
production techniques to evaluate how
stereotypical each selection is.
Success is demonstrated by recording your
insights on your handout for today.
HW: In a short paragraph, reflect on how TV
stereotypes have affected YOUR IDENTITY.
Am LIT DO NOW 8-13-14
Why did the West have trouble
recognizing Native American literature?
If you don’t remember- shame, but can
you tell me something you remember
from reading “The Sun Still Rises?”
When done, take out your handout from
our film study yesterday.
Success Today 8-13-14
Students will finish critiquing the 3rd film from
Students will use active reading skills to read
an informational text on the Iroquois people.
Students will be able to define archetype and
find examples in the myth we read today
HW: Read Skyland handout
Native American Literature
Literary Focus: Archetype
• An archetype is a very old imaginative
pattern in literature
– Appears across cultures and centuries
– Includes characters, plots, images, themes,
and settings
– Examples from fairy tales?
Am LIT DO NOW 8-14-14
Take a class copy of the archetype handout
(return it as you leave today). Read through
the different types of archetypes. Write down
as many examples as you can think of where
you’ve seen these archetypes in
ELITE: can you name an archetype of a
character, plot or setting you saw in the
stories from last night?
Success Today Means 8-14
Students will use active reading strategies
while reading “The World on Turtle’s Back.”
Students will be able to identify common
archetypes between Skyland handout and
World on Turtle’s Back.
Students will read to INFER. We will try to
describe the culture based on what details
they have in their creation myths.
Am Lit Success Criteria
Students note their inferences on
separate paper labeled “The World on
Turtle’s Back” ( or in their packet).
Students will list in sentence form or
draw any archetypes stories had in
HW: ?s 1-3 pg 45 story notes and
archetype list . Read Coyote and
Buffalo: ?s 1-3
5th pd Story Questions
Copy these down on back of packet:
1. How do the animals help the woman
who fell from the sky?
2. What roles do the grandmother and
her daughter play in the earth’s
3. Summarize the outcome of the
battles between the twins.
Am Lit DO NOW 8-15-14
Gather your Week 2 Do Nows, write
your name and PERIOD on each page.
Each Do Now should be labeled “Do
Now” and be dated.
Get up only once to staple if necessary,
go to the dentist, and turn in Do Nows to
Success Today Means 8-15
We follow norms well enough to have a
You engage your listening skills well
enough to summarize the stories I tell you
Success means you were able to verbally
recall what you heard and therefore earned
a S’more or at least a marshmallow
Next Week
Monday: review Native American terms,
ideas, and stories.
Tuesday: First QUIZ: NA Literature
(classes with full attendance get 1 E.C.
Tuesday: Start “Slave Narratives”
Olaudah Equiano’s story.
But first, Housekeeping
Have binder on your desk.
I will be giving you your sticker.
Your binder will go on the shelf as you
I will be checking binders that on the shelf.
No binder today? Demerit, but I have extra
binders, so I got you.
First Tab: “Early Am. Lit”
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