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Created by Owner and GM Brad Dick
Brad Dick DBA Eximius Sports © | All Rights Reserved
[email protected]
Eximius Sports was created in 1998 when Counter-Strike was first born. We were called
then, w00t gaming. We changed the name to Eximius Sports after CPL 2005 when we
finished top 15 at the tournament. The name we felt was more professional. The word
Eximius is Latin meaning, superb or extraordinary.
Eximius Sports through these years picked up many different games from Counter-Strike,
Call of Duty, Quake, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Day of Defeat. In every game that
Eximius competed in we were all ranked in the top 10 in the world. Some specific victories
would be CPL 2007 in Counter-Strike Source finishing 5th, WSVG 2006 Call of Duty 2
finishing 5th, 2007 CAL-Invite finishing 2nd. Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 winning all online events
and being ranked number 1 in the world.
Eximius Sports then focused on the Championship Gaming Series. Owner Brad Dick had
the opportunity to join the CGS as a member of the Chicago Chimera behind Brian “DKT”
Flander. He worked with Brian and was promised a GM spot when the league expanded.
The league closed and that door also closed. Eximius Sports continued to thrive in
Counter-Strike Source and Team Fortress 2 in these years. Two of Eximius Sports players
were drafted into the CGS in 2008; one of them being Erik “da_bears” Stromberg
Eximius has operated as a gaming community providing public servers with stats for
thousands of gamers. We have done shout casting for the players in the servers bringing
them back for more fun every night. Eximius Sports with the growth of Counter-Strike GO
will be once again being in the competitive scene.
Mr. Dick and Eximius Staff with Call of Duty 2 Team – Finished 5th
CGS Team with Owner Brad Dick
Erik “da_bears” Stromberg Drafted to Chicago Chimera
Owner Brad Dick likes his players to dress professionally when
entering the event venue. He believes it is a good example for
gamers to be pro in everything they do. If they do not have the
proper attire they will be in Eximius shirts representing Eximius
sponsors. Eximius is always in a tie setting a good example for
the younger players and future generations of eSports.
Electronic sports, or ”eSports,” is a term for organized video game competitions, especially
between professionals. The most common video game genres associated with electronic sports
are real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena.
Tournaments such as the World Cyber Games, the Evolution Championship Series, and the Intel
Extreme Master.
Recently eSports has grown immensely in certain viewers, tournaments and games. The time to
get into eSports for games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive is now according to this chart
• 43% of gamers are women most over 18.
• 42% of gamers play at least more than 1 hour per week.
•50% of Americans are gamers in some sort of fashion whether console or PC
•Most gamers play up to twelve years of their life.
•54% of Americans have purchased or plan to purchase one or more games in 2014
•Most are college kids or young professionals
•The average ages of competitive pro players are from 17-26
•These ages have the money to spend on products to increase their hardware power.
•Most of these people get at least one friend involved close to them to join them.
•Always looking at the pro players for tips and tricks
•Wants to mimic or shadow the player do what they do, use what they use, play how they play.
•Spectates their demos, and their matches.
•Reference: Check Six for Demographic Research.
Mr. Brad Dick Owner of Eximius Sports
Brad Dick is the owner of Eximius Sports originally founded as w00tt Gaming in 1998.
The name was changed when Mr. Dick stopped playing professionally and opened the
organization, “Eximius Sports.” This was done to pursue a dream of creating a
professional organization with various different games under the Eximius name. That
dream came true.
Mr. Dick’s first job is a History/Computer teacher, he has been teaching in Oklahoma
City, OK for over 8 years and been coaching wrestling for 13 years. He has also been
invited to represent the state of Oklahoma on Team USA Oklahoma wrestling as a
coach. He has also been Oklahoma Coach of the Year in 2011-2012. He has mentored
young people throughout his career outside the world of eSports.
Mr. Dick believes that professionalism is not only how you play, but how you represent
yourself and your team. Family always comes first in anything you do; Religion is big in
his life as he is actively involved in his church youth group mentoring young people in
Product Releases Company Links
SELL YOUR PRODUCT at Eximius Site!
Product Reviews From our Pros
Eximius has the ability to put your company logo wherever you choose. We have the
ability to give product information, upcoming releases on products, or even for our
players to give a quote about your particular product you want released. Our site is very
simple and user navigator friendly which is what we wanted. -
Player Video Blogs, with your logo featured under the blog
(Players will talk about their daily weeks and their gaming),
Product Reviews by our professional players
Features your new product releases on the website and any
Eximius has the ability to sell your products from our site
Contests featuring your product and company
Eximius Sports has the capability of marketing one product
for you or many.
Our team jerseys have
always been our most
popular source of
reaching out to gamers.
The events we attend
every year are seen by
thousands of gamers
whether it be at ESEA
LAN, or even a localized
LAN that one of our
players is attending.
Twitch.TV has given eSports a whole new way of
marketing the players and organizations. The players can
display themselves playing physically; and provide
another video stream of their in game abilities.
Your Company
100’s of
Our Eximius LIVE page at our website gives owner Brad Dick the ability to
advertise while doing contests and giving out match predictions. Average
viewer base is around 1,000 per stream. The Eximius LIVE page is used by
Twitch.TV, we have the ability to put your company’s products and logo on
this portion of the site
Steam is a program used for all gamers, we have a Steam page,
“Eximius Sports.” The members we have on that are over 1,000
gamers. The number grows everyday. We have the ability to make
announcements to all the gamers who join this page. Including contests,
product reviews/reviews, and matches.
Eximius Sports Facebook page has many people on it and linked to over
the years. We are one of the oldest organizations in North America.
Eximius Sports Twitter has a direct feed to our site to enable our fans
coming to our site to follow us when we display your product
ESEA LAN in Dallas, Texas every year. Here
we would compete against the 7 other best
teams in the world in Counter-Strike GO. This
is our first priority is promoting eSports in NA
and the United States.
We hope to attend a LAN overseas in Europe,
but currently have not had the financial
backing needed.
Eximius Sports is one of the oldest and greatest gaming
organizations in North America.
Eximius Sports has been around since 1998, representing
eSports and our sponsors.
Eximius Sports holds its staff and players to the highest
standards of professionalism, in order to promote the
brands of our sponsors and get their products recognized.
Our experience, passion and adaptability push us to
represent our sponsors and provide us the edge over other
organizations with similar interests.
 Teams may come and go through several faces of
leadership and structure, while Organizations are always
researching to provide the organization the best possible
 When one team breaks up or dies, another steps in to take
its place. We became an organization so that we can
provide our clients a consistent experience with the
Eximius brand. Through their trust in the brand it
strengthens their relationship with the sponsors affiliated
and rebranded in partnership.
Eximius Sports understands the need to use social
media and streaming in order to captivate the viewer.
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