Paper is Good. Pass it On Powerpoint Presentation

Paper is Good.
Pass it On.
Paper Has Been Getting a Bad Rap
• People say paper kills trees
• Causes clutter
• Lost its edge over digital replacements
It’s not true!
We want to clear things up and
reintroduce people to paper, and
remind them that paper is good.
Hi. I’m Paper. Remember Me?
Paper is a renewable, recyclable, plant-based product
that connects us in so many ways to the important
things in life.
– Great ideas are started on paper.
– The world is educated on paper.
– Love is professed on paper.
– Important news is spread on paper.
– Freedoms are declared on paper.
Paper is Environmentally Responsible
• When paper comes from a responsibly
managed forest, it actually has a positive
impact on the nation’s forestland.
• Paper comes from nature, and is made from
one of the few truly renewable resources.
Paper is Recyclable
• Paper is one of the most recycled products
on the planet.
• 67% of paper in the U. S. was recovered by
recycling in 2011.
• This is more than any other recyclable
material including plastic, glass and metal.
Paper is Knowledge
Recent studies have shown people learn 30% faster on
paper as opposed to other digital media.
– eReaders at seven universities indicated 75-80% of MBA
students would not recommend eReaders for in-class
– A Princeton University study resulted in students feeling
the absence of paper made group discussions difficult.
– A Reykjavik University study indicated that while books
and computers are different tools, both are equally useful,
70% said it was preferable and easier than a computer.
Paper Creates Jobs in Communities
• More than 3.5 million Americans have job
that directly or indirectly depend on
advertising mail.
• Many more work in companies that process
and manufacture paper.
• Paper is also a critical component of the mail
Paper In Our Lives
How many times today have you used paper?
Did you:
– Pour cereal out of a cereal box
– Dry your hands with paper towels
– Wipe your nose with tissues
– Print a document on a piece of paper
– Read a magazine, book or newspaper
– Write your to do list on a notepad
Paper Is a Fantastic Product
The truth is, with modern environmentally
sound forestry practices, efficient
manufacturing and high levels of recycling, the
sustainable nature of paper compared to other
materials, paper is a truly fantastic product.
Domtar’s Commitment to Paper
Domtar is committed to the responsible use of
paper and to using the world’s resources
Furthermore, we’re committed to
communicating paper’s place and value to the
businesses and people that use our products
every day.
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