Intern application presentation 2015

Open Day at Hospital – Thursday May 15
Careers Expo – Saturday 17th May 2014
Apply online via PMCV
Application for Austin open – May 9th 2014
Application submitted to hospital by
candidate along with resume and cover letter
(see guidelines on the web)
Referee reports submitted to PMCV
We short list the 1000 candidates down to the
number of interview spots we have available
Short listing process undertaken (9th – 13th June)
Email invitation for interview (15th June)
Selection of interview time by candidates
Interviews take place: 17 June-2 July 2014
We then evaluate the candidate based on their
application to decide on the 61 positions
o Cover letter
o CV
o Marks
o Interview
Short listing process for interview
Selection process for position
Marks (60%)
CV (5%)
Cover letter (10%)
Response to two questions (10 %
Referee report marks (5%)
Marks (50%)
CV (25%)
Interview (25%)
Academic marks provide a good indication of
academic ability
We wanted a process that considers this
heavily but also considers other attributes of
good doctors:
Team work
Social and Institutional citizenship
Interest in Research
Well developed communication skills
Community focus
Interests outside of Medicine
These attributes are now represented in the
standardised CV template
Will be a standardised Resume requiring NO
supporting evidence
No evidence will be required from
Universities: we can clarify information
provided e.g. membership of a Committee
can be verified directly with the University (if
need be)
Feedback from the Clinical Deans
Volume of ESCV applications was prohibitive
Compliance with PMCV standardised CV: the
current standardised format very closely
mirrors the previous Austin Health format
Please note: all CV’s are subject to audit
Guidelines for cover letter : why should we
pick you/tell us about yourself
◦ 1 page limit
Guidelines for resume : follow standardised
CV format
1. Tell us about a time where you have applied one
or more of the values of Austin Health to a real life
2. What would you see as the ‘single’ greatest
benefit of working at Austin Health?
Why apply at the Austin?
Friendly and supportive work environment
Fantastic career opportunities
Great rotations
◦ All core requirements (Emergency Medicine, General Medicine and
General Surgery)
◦ ENT/Head and Neck Surgery
◦ Orthopaedics
◦ Cardiac Surgery
◦ Urology
◦ Stroke
◦ Endocrinology/Rheumatology
◦ Liver Transplant Unit
◦ Radiology
State of the art Clinical Education Unit
Weekly protected intern teaching times
Deteriorating Patient Assessment Workshops
Professional Development Workshops
Research opportunities
Clinical Skills Workshops
Surgical Skills workshops at RACS
Integrating multidisciplinary learning and teaching
Supportive Medical Workforce Unit
Very active HMO Society
Who do we want to work
with us?
A good doctor
Embody Austin Health values
Work well within a team environment, particularly
within a multidisciplinary setting
Have well developed communication skills
Are interested in research and teaching
Have interests and achievements outside of the
medical field
Display a community focus through membership of
community or volunteer groups
Are interested in a future career at Austin Health
◦ Work in the spirit of collaboration and honesty to build effective
working relationships across the whole organisation
◦ Transparent, responsible and build trust by fulfilling promises and
communicating effectively
◦ We care about others and treat each other with consideration,
equality and fairness
◦ We continually strive to advance patient focused care through
innovation, research and effective stakeholder management
Cover Letter and Resume
◦ Good clinical skills
◦ intelligence, medical aptitude, application
◦ Gives us an insight into the complete person, not just the medical
◦ interest outside of study/work
◦ ideas of career goals
◦ interest in professional development
◦ compassion
◦ overall view, but obviously significant selection bias (is this a
good measure of picking who we want?)
◦ many of the intangibles: good communicator, decision making
ability, flexibility, self-awareness, teamwork, knowing role in a
team, personality, intelligence, friendliness, self-awareness
Standardised format
◦ Download from Austin Doctors or PMCV website
Structured interview
5 questions – 3 general questions, 1 clinical
question, 1 question from your CV/cover
In 2013 and 2014, the process was very
structured and publicised the exact marks for
each component. This led to significant stress
for applicants trying to achieve maximum
marks rather than reporting actual facts in
some cases.
We are not disclosing the marking plan as
this created unnecessary stress and creative
reporting of activities in some instances
Information Session/Open Day Thursday 15th
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