AP Government

AP Comparative
Elizabeth Jackson-Pettine
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Government Choices at WSHS
All seniors are required to take a
one year course in government, the
choices at WSHS are:
• US/VA Government
• Honors US/VA Government
• AP US Government and Politics
• AP US and Comparative
Government and Politics
AP US Government Overview
The goals of AP US Government are for
students to:
• Know important facts pertaining to the
government and politics of the United States
• Understand major political concepts, themes,
and generalizations
• Understand typical patterns of political
processes and behavior and their consequences
• Be able to compare and contrast political
institutions and processes and to derive
generalizations from them
• Be able to analyze and interpret basic data
relevant to government and politics
Comparative Course Overview
Through AP US Government & Comparative
Government we aim to:
• Study the governments of the US, UK, Russia,
China, Mexico, Nigeria and Iran
• Examine political institutions
• Explain differences in processes & policy
• Emphasize the importance of global political
and economic change
• Understand of the strengths and weaknesses of
the different political systems
• Compare and contrast developed, nearly
developed and developing countries
How is AP US different than AP Comp Govt?
US course
Comparative course
• Good for general AP
• Equivalent to 1 college
semester of US govt
• US-centric
• Slower paced, more longterm
• Some current events
• @1 hour of hmwk/class
• One AP exam
• No summer assignment
• Good for advanced AP
• 1 college semester of US
govt & one semester
comparativ govt
• World-centric
• Faster paced, more short
term projects/simulations
• Lots of current events
• @1-2 hours of
• Two AP exams
• Summer reading
assignment & short essays
AP Exams
•AP Exams in May:
•AP US Government
•45 Minutes – 60 MC Questions
•100 Minutes – 4 Free Response
Essay Questions (FRQs)
•AP Comparative Government
•45 Minutes – 55 MC Questions
•100 Minutes – 5 Short Response
and 3 FRQs
Contact Information
• If you have any questions regarding
either course, please contact Elizabeth
Jackson at ejacksonpett@fcps.edu