All About Me- PowerPoint

All About Me!
Lacy Schaffer
Allen School
Digi-Tools TR 6th Period
January 10, 2012
Slide 2: Your Name
Check out the meaning of your first name by checking
these sites:
What’s in a Name?
◦ Origin: English, German, Ancient Greek
o Meaning:
o “Wisdom" in Greek
o This was the name of an early, mythical, saint.
o This name was common among continental European royalty
during the middle ages.
o Ranked # 1 in United States
Slide 3: Your Birthday and
Historical Events
Include your birthday and research 3-5 significant
events that occurred on that day in history.
Include the name of someone who shares your
birthday but was born 100 years earlier than you.
Try these sites to discover important people and
events that occurred on this very important day in
The Day I Was Born:
January 4, 0000
Important Event #1
Important Event #2
Important Event #3
Important Event #4
Important Event #5
On the Day
I Was Born…
Name and picture of
individual born on
your birthday at least
100 years ago.
3-5 interesting facts
about this person…
Slides 4-9: Time Capsule
Create a “mini-time capsule” of your birthday
using multiple slides that include at least one item
from each of the following:
◦ President and Vice President of United States
◦ Best Movie
◦ Top Songs
◦ Top TV Shows
◦ Top Toys
◦ Prices
Visit capsule/step1.asp to
get your Time Capsule information.
 Age
 Age
 Political Party
 Political Party
 Where he was born
 Where he was born
My Birthday Time
Capsule: Presidents
My Birthday Time Capsule: Best
My Birthday Time Capsule: Best
My Birthday Time Capsule: Best TV
My Birthday Time Capsule: Best
My Birthday Time Capsule:
Basic Prices
Slide 10: Personal Timeline
Create your own personal timeline by going to Click on Timeline, then write
in your name, birth date, and this year.
Create a timeline that features one event from each
year you have been alive.
Timeline of My Life
Slide 11: My Favorite Person
Use a search engine to find information about your
favorite movie star, musician, or athlete, etc.
Try one these:
What did you learn about him/her that you didn’t
know before?
One of My Favorite People:
Julia Roberts
Click to add text or
Slide 12: What Makes
You Unique?
Your Choice….
◦ Tell me something about you that makes you
◦ Do you have any special hobbies or collections?
◦ Any special talents or abilities?
◦ What do you like to do outside of school?
Be sure to include a picture or graphic that visually
demonstrates your uniqueness!
Things That Make Me Unique!
I love Starbucks
I choose not to live without coffee!
I love to run!
Missoula Montana is one of my
favorite places!
Slide 13: Two Truths and a Lie
Two Truths and a Lie
List three things about you that we should know – BUT
one of them will be a false. See if you can fool your
Two Truths and a Lie
I teach potential juvenile delinquents
I raced jeeps and have only 3 trophies
I was a grandmother before I was a mother
Slide 14: Goals
What do you want to accomplish in school this year?
Write down 3 goals you have for your 7th grade year!
Goal #1
Goal #2
Goal #3
Grade Goals