Warmup Problems for 12/12/12

Warmup Problems for 12/12/12
1. The Johnsons need a new
living room couch. The couch
they like costs $2,700. The
salesperson told the Johnsons
that the couch will be on sale
next month for 20% off.
If the sales tax rate in their
city is 7.5%, how much will
the Johnsons save, including
sales tax, if they wait until the
couch goes on sale?
A. $40.50
B. $540.00
C. $580.50
D. $2,160.00
2. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson's son
Josh weighed 28 pounds on his
second birthday. On his eighth
birthday, Josh weighed 56
What is the percentage increase
in Josh's weight from his second
birthday until his eighth
A. 28%
C. 84%
B. 50%
D. 100%
Answers to Pg. 176 #4-16
4.4: Simple Interest
Simple Interest
Simple Interest
Simple Interest
Example 2
You borrow $2500 at 6.9% annual simple
interest. You will pay the loan off in 42 months.
Find (a) the simple interest and (b) the balance
of the account.
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