7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams

By Mark Fullmer
United States Peace Corps
I can control
I cannot control
The weather, brownouts, etc.
My success or failure
Preparing for storms
Being happy or sad
My genetics
My health
Being employed/unemployed
The death of a loved one
You respond to
problems after they
You blame problems on
the situation and others
You plan for possible
future problems
You continue to do only
what you are
comfortable with
You explore how you
could’ve acted
differently to control
the problem
You make the effort to
change behavior to
improve the situation
Instruction: You have 1 weekend. You have to
choose between many things you want to do.
Which would you rank as most important?
Attend a fiesta
Be godparent at a christening
Complete a 1-day seminar for professional development
Prepare a speech for next week
Check Facebook
Read books to your children
Have a day at the beach
Visit Robinsons
Spend time with barkada
There are 6 people stranded on a island. There
is one boat that can carry 3 people back to
civilization. Who would you save?
1. Your nephew, who has cancer
2. A priest
3. A pregnant woman
4. The woman’s husband, who is an ex-convict
5. A 7-year old orphan
6. Toni Gonzaga
Win-Win solutions: Do not mean everyone gets
what they want. In the real world, a win-win
situation is usually a compromise where
everyone involved feels they have benefitted.
There is no winner and loser.
Form pairs. In each pair, one member will share
his/her most unforgettable memory. The other
memeber will listen and then summarize what
she/he heard. Then the other member will
share his/her most embarrassing memory.
Synergy: The ability to do more and better
things by collaborating and cooperating with
Time to cut down a tree with a dull saw: 1 hour
Time to sharpen the saw: 15 minutes
Time to cut down a tree with a sharp saw: 30 minutes
Emotional Spiritual
Take a moment to make a compose a commitment to
improving your team.
Sample: To be a better member of the ______________ team, I
dedicate myself today to work on 3 things: my______________,
_______________, and _______________. Putting first things
first, I will work on ______________________ primarily. Using
the principle of synergy, I will ___________________________.
This is important to me and my team because ______________