Key Functions & Responsibilities (from
the old governance document)
– Coordinates the program-level adaptive management system
and assists the GITs in the management system cycle as
described in section
– The CAP assigns certain desired results, listed below, for topic
areas that the Partnering, Leadership and Management Team
should focus on. Strategies to achieve these desired results
are described in the CAP.
» Effective infrastructure systems
» Responsive and effective organizational management
» Effective coordination, accountability, and evaluation
» Effective reporting on health and restoration progress and
» Effective grants, contracts, and inter-agency agreements
Current Goals
• 1. Continually improving governance and
management to ensure Program effectiveness,
efficiency, accountability and partner
• 2. Effectively implement adaptive management
across the program
• 3. Effective and efficient governance of the
GIT Membership
MB charge: “MB members are asking to identify additional jurisdiction
representatives preferably from their policy departments to participate on GIT 6.”
Who can we recruit that has the desired competencies?
- familiarity w/ bay restoration and its challenges
- organizational management/sociology experience
- policy development
- group decision making
- performance assessment
- strategic planning
- technology application
- adaptive management exp. w/ natural resource conservation and management
- experience with other large aquatic ecosystem program
Proposed due date for submission of names is November 20th; two weeks prior to
our next GIT meeting.
GIT role supporting the short term
decision making body
• MB charge: “GIT6 will serve as staff to the MB to propose options for a
short-term decision-making body on CBP governance and how this body
will make decisions. In addition, GIT 6 will develop options for such a body
to consider in the following areas”
1) adopting final CBP partnership goals
2) changes to structure and membership
3) changes to rules and procedures
4) protocols for voting responsibilities and decision making
5) rules for conflict resolution
6) fully engaging all partners
This work supports Stage 2 of the alignment process to determine if there is value to a new bay
• High level membership. Expected to disband after task is completed.
• Name suggestions for the group? (other than short-term decision body)
Proposed Process for CBP
Organizational Coordination
- Appoints GIT subgroup
to develop suggestions
Stage 4
- Adopt and
GIT 6 Subgroup
- Develops options for
- Deliberates & approves
addressing potential new
agreement. What agreement
style options are there?
- Develops options for
addressing governance issues
-Tracks refinements to GIT goals
-Protocol for short-term decision
- Presents options to MB
Decision Body (Stage 3)
with GIT 6 Support
- Determines style and drafts
new agreement
- Selects governance changes
- Adopts goals
- Develops implementation plan
materials for PSC
- Agreement style
- Governance options
- Goals
- Protocol for stage 3
- Deliberates & approves
Support to
materials for short-term
decision body
- Preferred agreement
- Governance options
- Goals
- Protocol for stage 3