EGG Baby Growth and Development Age 5

Egg Baby 5-6 months
EGG Baby
Growth and Development
Age 5-6 Months
Physical- Firsts and Milestones
Sits alone but prefers support
Reaches and is able to grab
Turns completely over when laid on back or
• Use hands to reach, grasp and crumble,
bang and splash
• *6 mo- first teeth may begin to appear
Egg Baby 5-6 Months
• Intellectual- Firsts and Milestones
• * Studies objects
• Makes sounds to indicate pleasure or
• Looks for object that are dropped
• Alert for longer periods of time
• Distinguish between angry and friendly
voices- may recognize their name
Egg baby 5-6 Months
• Social- Firsts and Milestones
• 5 Mo shows increase interest in
family members and may cry when
left alone
• Will babble
• Will grasp stuffed animal
Egg baby 5-6 Months
• Emotional- Firsts and Milestones
• 4-5 will show anger or disgust
• * 6 mo will show fear
Egg Baby 5-6 Months
• Sleep__10 12- Hrs per night
• Food__
– solids are introduced, start with cereal
then strained foods
– Wait several days before introducing a
new food to observe any food allergies