Speech-to-Text Technology on Windows 7

Speech-to-Text Technology on
Windows 7
Computer Access for Individuals with
Then, Click
Click here
To find the Ease of Access Center on a Windows 7 PC,
go to the start menu, and select “Control Panel” from
the menu on the right.
In the control panel, select “Ease of Access”. This
option is highlighted above.
Click here
In the Ease of Access window, select “Speech
Click here, and then
follow the set-up
• After selecting “Start Speech Recognition”, the user
will be led through the tasks listed below. Including
setting up a microphone and learning how to use the
speech recognition feature.
Windows Resource
• To read more about accessibility options
offered by Windows, go to:
– http://windows.microsoft.com/enUS/windows7/What-accessibility-features-doesWindows-offer