Understanding Matter. Philosophical Perspectives. 1st CRF

Philosophical Perspectives
Matter and krasis. The generation of compounds
Fernando Santoro, Laura Candiotto
Matter and experience in Kant and the kantian legacy
Stephen Gaukroger, Daniela Helbig, Dalia Nassar, Anik Waldow
Prote hyle. Notions of matter in the platonic and
aristotelian traditions, from late antiquity to
Andrea Le Moli, Pietro Giuffrida
The critical meaning of matter: materialism, philosophy
of history and social theory since the enlightenment
Michael Staedtler
Matter and evil in neoplatonism
Jean-Marc Narbonne, Dimitri Nikulin
Matter and contingency in the early modern science of
Pietro D. Omodeo, Rodolfo Garau
Spirit and matter in the modern age. From cartesian
tradition to german idealism
Angelo Cicatello
Primordial matter, particles and stuff: on the transition
from physics to chemistry and further on
Rainer E. Zimmermann
Material constraints of the form
Salvatore Tedesco, Rosa Maria Lupo
Matter, things, praxis
Thomas Telios
Transformation of matter in xxth century phenomenology
and hermeneutics
Luca Vanzago, Gaetano Chiurazzi, Roberta Lanfredini
Mind, matter and energy in contemporary physics,
philosophy of language and epistemology
Marco Carapezza
On concrete/abstract objects
Franca D’Agostini, Marco Simionato
Palermo, Orto botanico
- Aprile 
The conference, sponsored by University of Palermo FFR Programme, will be hosted by Dipartimento di Scienze Umanistiche and organized in cooperation with Centro Internazionale per la
Ricerca Filosofica and Dottorato di Ricerca in Filosofia, XXIX Ciclo. Conference Proceedings will
be published in Epekeina. International Journal of Ontology. History and Critics.
For any information please contact the conference organizers or CRF directors: Prof. Andrea
Le Moli ([email protected]) and Prof. Angelo Cicatello ([email protected]). Further
information on www.ricercafilosofica.it