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Just how good is social studies in Scotland? What is Social Studies?
You might know social studies as history, geography, modern studies
and parts of business studies.
What is this leaflet about?
HM Inspectors in Education Scotland visited a number of nurseries and
schools across Scotland to look at how well children and young people
learn about social studies. This leaflet tells you the main things we
So, what do we think?
 Most of you enjoy learning in social studies and want to find out about
our country, its past and its landscapes.
 Most teachers do a great job, work hard and learning is usually interesting
and useful.
 In secondary schools, the subjects in social studies are popular and those
of you who sit exams in them do as well in these subjects as you do in
others such as sciences, English and mathematics.
 Most teachers continue to change the way they teach to make the way you
learn more interesting, relevant and broad.
 Some teachers are using the classroom, other parts of the school and the
outdoors to help you to learn. Some combine learning in social studies
with learning in other subjects such as maths and English. They help you
to develop a range of skills and make sure that work gets more difficult as
you get more confident. More teachers need to do this!
 You work in groups and help each other to learn more often. You are
learning more about how money works in our country and in the world in
 We need to work on ensuring that we build on what you learn in primary
school and make sure that we know what you are good at and what you
need to do to improve.
 We need to improve how we record your achievements in social studies
and help you to understand how you can improve.
 Some of you do not have the chance to study modern studies and we
need to make sure you can gain the important skills and knowledge taught
in this subject, particularly how you can take part in important areas of
society, such as politics.
 Secondary schools should ensure that early subject choice and
specialisation is not narrowing your learning too early.
How can you find out more?
You can find the full report on