Test Taking Strategies

Strategies for Taking the
End of Grade Test
Testing Dates:
May 14-17
Monday: Reading (3-5)
Tuesday: Math Active (3-5)
Wednesday: Math In-Active (3-5)
Thursday: 5th Grade Science
Only one subject can be given on
a regular school day
Reading EOG
8 selections
2 Fiction Selections (short story, myth,
fairy tale, etc.)
· 1 Non-Fiction Selection (biography, letter,
journal, etc.)
· 1 Poetry Selection
· 2 Content Selections (science, social
studies, art, music, etc.)
· 1 Consumer Selection ( recipe, menu,
how-to, etc.)
1 Experimental Selection ( can be any of
the above)
Math EOG
Measures student understanding and
knowledge of five strands or goals:
Number and operations
Data analysis and probability
There are calculator active and calculator
inactive sections
Science EOG (5th Grade Only)
Measures student understanding and
knowledge of principles, concepts,
interpret laboratory activities and relate
scientific information to everyday
Administration allows calculators on the
‘Twas the Night Before
• Go to bed at a reasonable time.
Put a few #2 pencils with
erasers in your backpack.
•Talk to your parents or teachers about
any concerns that you might have about
the test.
•Don’t threaten them with failure---they
are anxious enough already!
The Morning of Testing
• Start your day with a healthy well
balanced breakfast every day of the
• Arrive on time & don’t allow your
child to miss school unless they are
really sick.
• Avoid stressful situations and
• Think Positive! “I can do this!”
Multiple Choice
• Read the directions carefully.
• Read the question and all answer
choices before marking anything.
• Check periodically to see that item
numbers and answer items match.
• Don’t spend too much time on any
one question. Do your best and
then move on.
• Do not change your answers
unless you are very uncertain
about your first answer choice.
• Try to answer every question. Make
the most intelligent guess you can.
The Process of Elimination
After you have been through all
of the answer choices once, go
back and eliminate choices that
you know are incorrect.
I know C
isn’t the
• If you can eliminate two wrong
answers, you have a 50/50 chance
of getting the right answer. For
the most part there are 2 wrong
answers and 2 answers that could
be correct.
• Remember: Your first guess is
usually right.
Marking Answers on the
Answer Sheet
• Don’t erase mistakes too hard, and
don’t redraw erased circles.
• Watch for stray marks.
• The computer will count your
answer incorrect if two circles
have pencil marks in them.
Skip, Return, Check
• If you finish early, check
to make sure you have
answered all questions.
• Yes, that means really go
back and check your