The Great Migration and the Puritans

Thursday, September 24
The Great Migration and the Puritans
I. Problems in England (1620’s and 1630’s)
A. King Charles I
-raised taxes
B. William Laud
-Who he is: archbishop
of Church of England
-Problems he caused:
-made life difficult for
-punished those who
attacked the church
II. Great Migration (1629-1642)
A. Numbers: 40,000 to New
England and Caribbean
B. Ending of Great Migration
-cause: English Civil War
King Charles II
English Leaders:
 King James I (1603-1625)
 son King Charles I (1625-49)
 Council of State (49-53)
 Oliver Cromwell (53-58)
 Son Richard Cromwell (58-60)
 King Charles II (exiled son of Charles
III. Puritans Leave During Great Migration
A. Charter in 1629
-Massachusetts Bay
B. Basis of foundation:
freedom of religion
C. Prosperity of M.B.Co.
-Supplies: large amt.
-Trade w/ Pilgrims
-Little Disease
D. New Towns Formed
IV. Puritan Life
A. Politics
• General Court
• Court chose
• Church and Govt.
closely related
• Requirements for
Church Membership:
become God’s
chosen, pass a
public exam, prove
strength of faith
IV. Puritan Life continued
B. Economics: farmers
but no tobacco
C. Family Life
-age for marriage
-three main duties
for women: obey
husband, have
children, manage
the household
-harsh laws
IV. Puritan Life continued
D. Education
-1647 public law
-John Harvard
-literacy rates:
70% men, 45%
V. Dissent in Massachusetts Bay
A. Thomas Hooker
-found Connecticut
V. Dissent (continued)
B. Roger Williams (1636)
-minister, disagreed
w/leadership of Mass.
-called for complete
separation of his church,
criticized General Court
-purchased land from
Natives, called it
“Providence”- later
became Rhode Island
V. Dissent (continued)
C. Anne Hutchinson
-spoke out against Puritan beliefs
-did not need clergy to have a rel. w/God
-good deeds alone do not get into heaven
-leaders angered: not a woman’s place
-put on trial, banished
-founded Aquindeck Island, Rhode Island
-moved to Dutch settlement in Long Island
-killed by Natives in 1643
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