CTSA Communications Activities
Thomas T. Fogg MS MPH
Kameha Kidd, PhD
March 2010
Communications KFC
Recent meeting in Rockville, March 4-5, 2010
Several action items underway, two items to point out
– Development of a CTSA Consortium Internal Communications Plan
– Communication of CTSA Science Advances
Communications and the CMG
CMG mission: to help increase the efficiency and
effectiveness of the CTSA Consortium
CMG approach:
– Initial focus on three principles of operation – project tracking,
portfolio analysis, and communications
– Flexible and adaptive, working with the CCEC and Consortium to
integrate and establish a matrix for communication and information
“Tiger Teams” from the Communications KFC will develop
an internal communications plan for the Consortium,
working with CMG
The Problem
The CTSA consortium is a highly complex, diverse,
dispersed organization
5 strategic goal committees
13 key function committees
Many subgroups
Over 100 active projects
46 member institutions, plus the NCRR
Over 2000 faculty and staff
Effective, efficient communication is critical to carrying out
the CTSA mission
Communication Source Groups
Source Groups
NCRR leadership and staff
Needs of each group differ dramatically
“Tiger Teams” from Communications KFC will be formed to
address each communications source group
– Report to Communications KFC Steering Committee
– Vet recommendations with source group leadership
– Report progress to CCEC and CMG
Developing a Plan
Needs assessment
– survey/interviews with source group
Plan development
– data-driven
– build on Dixie Baker Plan/strawman communications plan
– integrate with existing tools
Plan implementation
– vehicles or tools
– standards or policies
Steering Committee from Communications KFC
Tom Fogg (Rochester)
Kameha Kidd (NCRR)
Michele Maclay (North Carolina)
Jamie Racklyeft (Michigan)
Bob Rice (Ohio State)
Stacey Scirocco (Yale)
Communication of Science Advances
Session on science advances and other highlights
– NCRR Office of Communications and Office of Science Policy
– Defined types of information how utilized (science advance vs
– Shared efforts to identify, track, and communicate information
Communication of Science Advances
Moving forward:
– Coordination between NCRR and CTSA Communications
– Developed CTSA Science Advance Template
– Submission of science advances to NCRR Office of
Communications and Program Official
– Continue to post these and other highlights to the CTSA wiki
CTSA Science Advance Template
PI Name
Project Title
Public Health Impact Statement
NIH Directors theme(s) relevance
CTSA Strategic Goal relevance
How CTSA Enabled Advance
Grant Support
Publication Citation and Link (if applicable)