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Dr. Pete Markiewicz & Lifecourse Associates
Art Institute of California, Los Angeles
Entitlement - solutions
• Tell them exactly how to succeed
– Detailed rules for completion of class (syllabus)
– Assignments with defined success (think game levels)
– Reference base rules (e.g. syllabi, final projects,
textbooks) constantly in-class
• Negotiate
– Negotiation is not insubordination
– Negotiate based on your (strict, paternal) rules
• Break their work into tiny, progressive steps
– Unbundle complex tasks
– Reassemble into small, progressive, tasks
• React to “insanely great” ideas
– Have them critique their own ideas
The Collective - solutions
• Join their (professional) groups
– Rescue the “MySpace” student by joining their social
– Syllabus, lessons online accessible from S/N
– Old tests available for secondary completion
• Encourage a broader understanding
– Knowledge is not web facts
– A bit of information may be meaningless outside the
larger whole
– Not all learning is fun, entertaining and visual
– It is OK to be alone with your thoughts
Inexperience solutions
• Give them a job making lists
– Will define school/work in a way they understand
• Set them to work making presentations
– Explaining is the best education
• Provide training
– In workplace rules and goals
• Identify a cause
– It will get their respect
Helicopter solutions
• Don’t try to shut down networks
– Figure out how to include S/N
– Exploit their “always on” nature to get more work
– Set strict rules for revealing data at the start
• Don’t try to shut down parents
– Acknowledge their role
– Make strict rules for interaction
– Provide classes for parents (really!)
Management solutions
• “Parental” mentoring style
– Advise rather than preach
– REPEATEDLY set ground rules (esp. cheating)
– Constantly “ping” the student to ascertain their status
• Connection
– Accept nonlinear interaction (virtual office hours)
• Create structure
– Specific assignments with detailed structure
– Timelines, timetables, deadlines
– Have exact rationale for grades, assignments ready
– Metric for success (score-keeping)
Mentoring solutions
• Hold your nose and praise them
Constant praise for small success
Institute a point reward system, even literal “gold stars”
I said LITERALLY gold stars
Buy their work by small rewards
• Demonstrate and encourage respect
– Demonstrate that older and wiser is just that
– Match their respect (no racists, sexist, any-ist things)
Work solution – “Gameify”
• Define the work
– Define work in detail
– Define specifics
– Define levels and goals
• Provide rewards
– Small, immediate rewards (“gold stars”), rather
than a chance at the long-term jackpot
– Progressive rewards (like levels in a game)
– Scorekeeping (constant)
– Retry/correct mistakes (ditto)
Retention solutions
• Lead them to the long-term
– Provide numerous, progressive, short-term goals
– Teach them to think strategically
• Study of company history
• Study of past employee experiences
• Define your company as a “cause”
Create an employee brand
Provide value statements
Define the “good citizen” in the company
Make the company a “cause” rather than a business
Generation Debt - solutions
• I’m open for ideas…
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