Key messages from the National Parenting Co

Key Messages from the National Parenting
Coordinators’ Network
10 September 2014
Gail Bennett, Parenting Network Chair
Flintshire Parenting Strategy Coordinator
[email protected]
01244 551140
Parenting Action Plan 2005-2008
» Welsh Government 3 Year Action Plan
» A framework to support children and young people to develop and grow
Recognised ‘parenting’ as a cross-cutting theme amongst services
Required a strategic approach at national and local level
Ended 2008
‘Parenting’ included within other policy – reducing poverty, increasing
educational attainment and supporting cohesive communities.
» Creating a wide continuum of service and multi-agency fora who input
into parenting
» Anticipates services being provided to families along
a continuum, pre-birth to 18,
early intervention to compulsory intervention
Parenting Coordinators Network (Wales)
» Welsh Policy and Guidance
» A group of like-minded individuals joined together to create
a forum, it has gone from strength to strength over the 7
years of its life
» Co-ordinated by Children in Wales – a BIG thank you to
Children in Wales and Lucy Akhtar for believing in the idea
and capturing the vision and to all the members past and
present who have influenced its development and
contributed their knowledge, skills, experience and time
» Terms of Reference
All Wales Parenting Coordinators Network
The National Parenting Coordinators’ Network is
intended as a structured forum for relevant parenting
professionals with a strategic role in their local authority
area to share and reflect on their experiences and
learning in order to develop their practice and to adapt
and improve systems, processes and services. The
National Parenting Coordinators’ Network is also
intended to facilitate links between colleagues in different
authorities in order to share resources, good practice
and training opportunities.
All Wales Parenting Coordinators Network
The National Parenting Coordinators’ Network
membership comprises individuals who have the lead for
parenting support in their authority and/or have a
strategic or coordinating role within their local authority.
All members are encouraged to participate by providing
a mutually respectful environment for the open exchange
of ideas and opinions.
Benefits to Members of the Network
Members said it:
» Provides an overarching perspective of parenting across Wales and
remaining current on policy, guidance and current issues
» Supports alignment and consistency in parenting service provision
» Provides support and friendship, reducing isolation
» Enables sharing of resources, time, common approaches, best practice
» Provides opportunity for informative discussions e.g. monitoring and
evaluation, programme development, management and delivery
» Supports the development of coherent strategies
» Drives the development of the National Occupational Standards for Work
with Parents
» Provides for sharing of knowledge and experiences between the four
nations and Europe
» Supports the identification of viable parenting applications for a multi-lingual
community in both rural and urban settings in Wales, with a ‘Think Family’
approach, and sharing the work across localities
The Way Forward
Members said:
» Local implementation of ‘Parenting in Wales: Guidance on
engagement and support,’ September 2014
» ‘Catch the wave’ of renewed interest
» Prioritising what really needs to be achieved, taking into
consideration policy, guidance, capacity and budgets
» Professionalising parenting provisions, NOS for Work with Parents
embedded into the delivery of quality services, including job
descriptions; goals; performance indicators, training, practice and
» Exploring and implementing the evidence base for early intervention
and prevention
» Understanding diversity across Flying Start – extending skills for
gaining rapport, engaging with and mediating children’s learning,
well being and socialisation
» Continuing as a ‘Circle of Excellence’ within the Objectives of the
Terms of Reference (available from Children in Wales)
The Way Forward
‘Continue to work effectively together to ensure the best
in our support for families in Wales.’
Who is your Parenting Network representative?
Who are your local partners / key stakeholders ?
If you could do one thing, which one thing would
contribute the greatest value to your
locality? service? families? community?
What are your networking needs?
Thank you – Please return for 11.25
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