High School Mathematical Competitions in Russia Nowadays

High School Mathematical
Competitions in Russia Nowadays
Fedorenko Igor
Krasnodar, RUSSIA
All-Russian national
International Math
Tournament of Towns,
Tournaments of
«mathematical battles»,
Igor Sharygin memorial
Geometry Olympiad,
Math Festival
All-Russian national Olympiad,
 holds annually by the Russian Ministry of education in traditional form,
 including four stages (specific exceptions are 8th grade and
St.Petersburg and Moscow olympiads);
 also main contest for IMO team selection
 age of participants: 14 – 17 years (9 – 11 grades)
Other olympiads in Russia are
results of private initiatives,
do not have state support, are organized by regional
mathematical centers, are highly popular. On all
olympiads complete strict solutions are appreciated,
there is no tradition of multiple choice tests.
International Mathematical Tournament of Towns,
covering almost all regions of Russia and many foreign countries (Bulgaria,
Canada, USA, Iran, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, Kazakhstan,
Israel etc), totally about 200 towns all over the world particiate;
Holds over 30 years.
Four (independent) tours, holding independently in all towns.
Final summer conference (contest of research type problems).
site - http://www.turgor.ru/
Possibility to choose tasks to solve
High research potential of problems
Tournaments of «mathematical battles»
– team mathematical competitions;
 Russian Festival of Young Mathematicians
 Kolmogorov Cup
 Ural Math Tournament
Such mathematical team tournaments are very popular and
prestigious in Russia for more than 20 years. Schemes slightly differ,
but the core is mathematical “battle” of two teams. It consists of (up
to) ten rounds, each round is a duel type discussion on preliminary
solved problems of the speaker and his opponent. Besides
mathematics itself, the team has to use various tactical and strategic
ideas. So, the participants are especially keen. All the leading
mathematical centers of Russia actively participate in such
tournaments, and consider them as nearly perfect method to involve
high school students in serious mathematics and the professional
culture of mathematical discussions.
Igor Sharygin memorial Geometry Olympiad,
holds in two stages (preliminary correspondence stage and final internal
stage), some foreign students (from Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Turkey,
Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Vietnam etc) also take part;
Site - http://www.geometry.ru/olimp.htm
Geometry is very popular in Russia, this is why the purely geometrical
olympiad for 8 – 11 grades is organized.
Preliminary (correspondence) stage has 12-15 problems.
Internal final stage consists of two days, with four problems each day.
Math Festival «GOLDEN FLEECE»
- participants are 12 – 15 years old
- six days long olympiad marathon
- each day is devoted to special
subject, three subjects are:
algebra and number theory;
- elite level oral individual contest
 educational character
15–18 problems on each subject,
daily discussion of problems may be
considered as a small survey of the subject
 oral olympiad
the correctness of solution is checked by
the jury member during a special talk with
the student, 3 trials for each problem
Mathematical competitions –
from entertainment
to education!
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