Physical Education: Further qualifications

Physical Education: Further
Understand the types and varieties
of PE accredited courses.
Consider some of the career
pathways these qualifications may
lead to.
Key terms:
Accredited – a recognised standard
of award leading to a higher learning
Proficiency – being adequately or
well qualified.
There are many accredited courses and
qualifications relating to PE and sport.
Includes the course you are currently
studying! It is possible to make this a
double award worth 2 GCSE’s.
As well as GCSE PE there is GCSE dance.
GCSE’s are the first step towards higher
qualifications but in order to progress you
must achieve a high end grade (grade C
or above).
These were introduced in 2002. They
are diplomas in sport which are
equivalent to GCSE’s but are
vocationally based.
They give a basic understanding and
knowledge of the sports sector.
The next level of exam qualification
up from GCSE. It is divided into two
1st year AS level followed by A2 level
the next. (Both combined lead to an
‘A level’ qualification.)
A points system related to grades
achieved at A Level is how University
places are decided.
Sports Performance Awards
These are linked to specific sports, eg
Another type often offered in schools
is the Sports Leaders Award, open to
anyone over the age of 14. This
award can lead to further
qualifications such as the Community
Sports Leader for those over 16
Proficiency Testing and Awards
Sports National Governing Bodies
are offering increasing numbers of
proficiency awards for their sports,
many being offered through schools,
eg football/ hockey leaders.
Many PE departments use award
schemes to test and reward
activities, eg gymnastics (BAGA),
athletics (5 Star), swimming
(Personal survival and lifesaving).
Examiners tip
Whilst you will not be tested on
exactly what a specific award is, you
might well be asked what the
benefits would be of following an
exam course. You will be able to use
your own experiences as examples
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