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Maximizing Asset Building Potential!
Developmental Assets
Social Identities
Tali Landgraff
Halton District School Board
Developmental Assets Trainer
School Social Worker | Safe and Inclusive Schools
● Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School
● Beyond “Developmental Assets 101”
● Connecting the DA framework to existing
Board approaches to building safe,
inclusive learning environments
Assets and Identity
• Social location: what is it?
• Identity and relationship-building are connected
• Power and privilege
What Are The Impacts?
• Current realities and lived experiences
• Differential access to resources - this includes assets!
Pause and ponder...
Moving Forward: What Works?
“Reading from the margins”
(Dr. Chandra Mohanty)
Case study: 2014 UBC study
“Asset building must be
informed, intentional and
creative. We must find ways
to meet needs and be active
change agents”
Moving Forward: What Works?
Developmental Relationships
✓ Express care, challenge growth, provide support,
share power, expand possibilities
Culturally Responsive Practices
✓ Institutional
✓ Personal
✓ Instructional/practice
“The world needs more you in it. More goodness,
more kindness, more caring, more action, more
you.” – D. Zadra